Broadwell & District


Church and School
School Party c 1950
C of E School 1949
Evergreen Hall
Looking North
Looking South
North Road
Broadwell c 1930
Oliver's Shop 1932
Post Office
Post Office early 1900s
Memorial Hall ,   Memorial Hall
Broadwell Memorial Hall WWI
Bishop's Procession
Len Lewis butchers shop
Church Choir c1955
Inside the Rising Sun Inn


Woodpeckers 1944
Broadwell Juniors 1947
Broadwell Reserves 1952
Under 18s 1963


Mr F Charles
Samuel Ellis

St John's Men and Lads Union 1949

Harris Directory 1897

Broadwell Lane End School

1929 1936 1939


Beechenhurst Picnic Area 1969, Speech 1969,
Tower 1969,

Berry Hill

Elias Thomas
The Kings Head
Coverham Rd
Cross Roads
Recreation Ground
Top of The Lonk
Cricket Club 1912
Carnival   Carnivals
Harris Miles Wedding 1935
Globe darts team 1960
Berry Hill Crescents 1905
Berry Hill RFC 1923 1930s c.1948
John Player Cup vs Bath
2 Berry Hill men in WWII

Scouts 1949
Army Cadets 1955
Snow in 1947

Berry Hill School

1976   Left    Right
Berry Hill Primary School c1969

Christ Church Parish Magazine
Dec 1937


Christchurch School 1914 , 1920
ChristChurch Infants 1935
Christchurch School 1939
Christchurch School 1930s
Men and Lads Union 1931
Induction of new vicar
Mothers Union c1925

The Forest in WWII

A pithead photo
Jack Pope
Charley White US Army "dog tag".
De-contamination building nr Speech House

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Clearwell Castle
Fire of 1929
1948 and 1954
Church Fete 1954
2 Views of the castle
Harning-Warner photo
Yeates Family

Road making
The Entrance   False Wall
Extras in film Kidnapped (1978)

The Cross , The Cross - 2
Hockey Players
Clearwell AFC
1914 1920s 1948
1966/7 1968/9
Clearwell School
1912-1913 1929
1955 (left) 1955 (right)
Jim Vaughan
Clearwell Carnival 1951 c1970
Carnival Programme 1967 (PDF file)
Ford and Hairsine 1967
Clearwell bellringers
Clearwell Bridge
Clearwell Memorial Hall
Clearwell from Platwell
Opening of St Peters, 1866 article


Sid Jones
The Buffs
Marconi Memorial
Italian P.O.W. s
More Italian P.o.W.s
Two Italian P.O.W.s
Chiesetta   POW Huts
Wynols Hill artefacts
More Camp 61 artefacts
Minerva aretefact
From El Alamein to Marconi
Letter from Princess Elettra Marconi
Marconi stamp cancellation
Wynols Hill Camp, 1945
Model of Marconi Monument
1:33 , 1:10
Italian POW football team
Who is this person?
Pisgah Chapel 1950s
Wood and Sarah Jenkins
William and Mrs Matthews
Coalway FC 1955
Williams family
Speech House Rd
The Purples
Nursery girls 1950s
Nursery workers 1956
Evans Ices photo 1, photo 2
Evans Shop
Wynols Hill House


Joseph Samuel
Ellwood School
c 1930 c1930 c1930 1946 Date unknown earlly 1950s 1955 , Date unknown
Pool House - Elsmore family
Elijah amd Emily Sayes
Chapel Pantomime 1953   1954
Nativity Play at Sling Hall
The Ambassadors at Ellwood Chapel Ellwood FC 1950s
Hockey Team 1950s
View of Fetter Hill
Elllwood Fair
Ellwood School - a play in Sling Hall
Rose Cottage
Jones family
Ellwood Schoolchildren c 1950
Staff at Ellwood school.

Five Acres

Rising Sun c 1952

Unknown Location:
Forest Stone Quarry

Mile End

Florence Watkins
The Foresters -1- -2-


Union Mine disaster