Lydbrook & District

Church Hill

From Hangerberry 1937-1940
From Hangerberry New Road
From Bell Hill 1930's - 40's
Lydbrook from Church Hill c 1935

Upper Lydbrook

Lydbrook Church 1935-1936
1938-1939 looking South
Church and Station, Old Station
The Jovial Colliers:
1895, Alfred Jones
Lydbrook shop 1902
Peaked Rock
Peaked Rocks-2
A Hangerberry Cottage

Primitive Methodist Church
1912 1926

Air raid shelter?
A wartime site

Bell Hill

Bell Hill 1920-1930 1930s

Forge Hill

From Bell Hill
The Corn Mill and the Viaduct
Lydbrook House

Lydbrook Athletic

1935 - 1936 -1- -2-
1948 - 1949 1957- 1958
1960s 1962 c1970


Edwards coaches 1950s
Edwards Coaches Joys Green
Edwards Coaches article
by Martyn Nutland
Edwards Drivers
Edwards staff
Tinworks chimney demolition 1936


Waterloo Colliery   -1-   -2-    1920s

Lydbrook School

Early 1900s
1953 1954
End of war certificate 1946

Joys Green Primary School 1911

PDF Documents

Ration Book 1918
Unemployment Book 1927

Page 1


Byron Watkins and Prince
Sollars, Hall families
Church Fete 1948
Old Folks Outing 1978
May Queen 1951  1950
Lydbrook WWII Specials
Jim Bennett' charabanc
Ernest Walford
Lydbrook Band 1923
Lydbrook Band
Jazz Band 1953
Lydbrook Ladies -1-   -2-
Pacey family, Forge Hill

Stowfield House Boys
A Lydbrook fire, 1915
Jordan family
Dance family
Hale family, WW2 items
Priest family
Mr and Mrs Frank Jordan
Lydbrook Badminton Clun c1970
Henry Brooks
Jovial Colliers skittles team 1960s
Lydbrook FC, Ladies Skittles Team
Baker family
Lydbrook Harlequins RFC 1910 & 1926
Joys Green trip 1950's
4 photos of Edwards coaches
Clarence John Sollars

Lower Lydbrook

The Viaduct

From below, From above, Distant View
4 photos, View from Viaduct
Demolition -1- -2- -3-

The Anchor Inn

Ediswan FC
Munition workers WWI
Ediswan girls 1948
Ediswan ladies cricket
Ediswan cable, Ediswan various items
Temco Die Cutting Room
Temco party 1955
Air Raid Shelter
The Reading Room
The last train to Ross
Lydbrook Junction
Lydbrook Valley Springs
Sarah Siddons Cottage
Stowell Farm

Two Lydbrook postcards
Halifax crash in WWII
Reeds Corrugated Cases, entrance ,
a machine in the factory
the main machine
Reeds from the air
Wartime memories of Lydbrook
The cable works 1950s photo, Children's Xmas party c 1957
View towards Welsh Bicknor


The Bush at Hawsley
Hawsley Quoits Team 1926

River Wye

Kerne Bridge 1963
Lydbrook flood c1960
The Wye near Lydbrook

Worrall Hill

Snooker Players
Pig Roast
Worral Hill AFC 1950
Sunday School
Worral Hill Freeminers 1973


Eastbach airfield
Eastbach airstrip 1965