Newnham , Gloucestershire, Parish Magazines 1882.

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Newnham, St Peter's church Parish Magazine, January 1882


T J Weight 1882..

We trust our magazine may not be behind others in value and interest month by month throughout the year, and that the numbers when bound up together will prove a complete record of parochial life and work, upon which it may be interesting in future days to look back."

Old photo of St Peter's, Newnham

January 1882

Vol, 1. JANUARY 1882, No,1.

I have long thought that it would be well to publish monthly a Newnham-on-Severn Parish Magazine, but hitherto I have shrunk from the labour and responsibility which the editorship of such a work involves; now, however, the time seems to have come for hesitating no longer, and the first number will, I trust, be in every house in the parish within the next few days.
A parish Magazine is generally found to prove a most useful medium of communication between the Pastor and his people. In its pages, some subjects may be more fitly touched upon than from the pulpit. It contains much useful information, some interesting stories and some valuable instruction, besides an account of parochial events as they occur. We trust our magazine may not be behind others in value and interest month by month throughout the year, and that the numbers when bound up together will prove a complete record of parochial life and work, upon which it may be interesting in future days to look back.
I ask you then to accord a hearty welcome to our magazine, and to give in your names as subscribers to the Ladies who have kindly consented to take out the numbers as they appear and leave them at your home,. Yearly subscriptions will be received in advance, or each number may be paid for on delivery. It is important that the Magazine have as wide and as general a circulation as possible. I propose to admit into its pages special information and notices about parish matters generally; pastimes and amusements ; sermons; school and parish festivals; to give monthly a list of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, with a Kalendar containing notices of Services, Meetings, Classes etc.
In this number you will be reminded of some of the great events of the year 1881, It has been a year, to this parish, full of solemn warning and teaching, and looking back over the months that are past we cannot but be devoutly thankful to, Almighty God that we were able once more on the glad Feast of Christmas to meet together to worship the Babe of Bethlehem on ,his Birthday within the sacred walls of His own House. I hope in a very early number, perhaps the next, to give a list of the Subscribers to the Church Restoration Fund, with the whole account of the expenses. The roll of names of those who were with us last Christmas and have since passed away is a very long one : the death-rate in the parish for the last twelve months has been far above the average: the Angel of Death has knocked at many doors where his summons was little expected.We know not whose names may appear in .the January number of 1883, But such thoughts are not intended merely to sadden us at the beginning of a New Year, rather to make us more earnest, more godly, more watchful. May the year upon which we are entering bring peace and true happiness to many a home in this parish and may the benediction of the Blessed One rest upon us all. If you will take a word of exhortation from the great Apostle and write it at the head of this new page in your lives, let it be this, "Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace."
Believe me,
Your affectionate Pastor,

January 4th.-Choir Supper. Blythe Court.
10th.- Temp. Soc: Juvenile Branch. Tea & Magic Lantern.
18th.&19th.- Heavy gale & snow storm, school suspended &c.
30th.- Sermons on Temperance. Rev. T.Ring.
31st - Temperance Tea and Meeting. Rev. T.P.Ring.
February 21st.- Temperance Entertainment. Schoolroom.
28th.-Destruction of Church by fire.
March 2nd.- First service in the Schoolroom.
28th.- Confirmation at Awre.
29th.- Diocesan School Inspection.
30th - Meeting of parishioners at Riverdale to deliberate on rebuilding the Church
April 19th.- Home Mission Meeting.
May 3rd - Archdeacon's Visitation at Cathedral.
14th.- Jocham Charity sermon & distribution of Boys' clothes.
24th.- Day of Intercession for Missions.
29th.-The aged Vicar fell asleep.
June 4th.- Vicar laid to rest.
17th.- Archdeacon Sheringham's first visitation of Church & Parish
18th.- Pupil Teachers Diocesan Examination.
20th & 21st - National School Inspection
28th.- Sunday School Treat at the Haie.
July 16th.- Camp at Minchin Hampton began.
26th.- National School Treat at Underdean.
August 1st.- Flower Show.
6th.- Institution of new Vicar.
Sepember 1st.- Infant School Treat at Blythe Court.
29th.- Pigeon and Poultry Show.
October 2nd.- Harvest Thanksgiving.
11th.- S.P.G. Meeting.
29th.- First run of Hare and Hounds.
November 7th.- School Drawing Examination. Schoolroom Club Anniversary and Tea at Town HaIl.
11th.- Last service in Schoolroom.
16th.- Reopening of Church by Lord Bishop. Induction of Vicar. Archdeacon preached in evening. Octave of services.
17th.- Children's Tea & Magic Lantern. Town HaIl.
December 3rd.- Funds of Women's Clothing Club distributed.
4th.- Sermons for Missions to Seamen.
12th.- Funds of Children's Clothing Club distributed.


Gwladys Augusta. Daughter of William and Sarah Anne Morgan.
Mary Daughter of Frederick and Martha Button.
Rose Carter Shaw.Daughter of John Shaw and Rose Anne Carlton.
Dorcas Annie Daughter of John and Emily Price.
Sarah Jane Daughter of Willian and Jane Crump.
Mabel Helena.Daughter of John and Jemima Jenkins.
Frances Mildred. Daughter of William and Louisa Matilda Evans.
Kate.Daughter of John Hankins & Georgiana Route Morse.
Ada Angel.Daughter of Anthony and Mary Wilks.
Blanche Louisa Daughter of Anthony and Mary Wilks.
Rosa Weaver. Daughter of Anthony and Mary Wilks
Annie Elizabeth Daughter of John and Ellen Passer
Mary Ethel. Daughter of George and Rebecca Maxfeld
Elizabeth Sophiia. Daughter of John and Emma Betterton
Edith Maud. Daughter of Decimus and Kate Anne Virgo.
Florence Mary. Daughter of Ephraim and Emma Fenner
Florence Emily Daughter of Charles and Alice Betterton
Bertha Kate. Daughter of James and Margaret Jennings
Caroline (privately) Daughter of William and Sarah Workman
Amelia. (privately) Daughter of William and Sarah Workman.
Gladys Mary Margherita. Daughter of Frederick and Harriet Elton.
Ada Annie. Daughter of William and Sarah Anne Niblett.
Jane. Daughter of John and Elizabeth Brown.
Rosina. Daughter of John and Elizabeth Brown.
Sarah Mary. (adult) Daughter of William and Sarah Pyle.

Stephen Henry. Son of George William and Harriet Hooper.
Francis William. Son of Francis and Mary Anne Ellis.
George Ernest. Son of Edward and Susannah Fox.
Albert Edward. Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Brobyn.
Herbert Henry Styles Son of Henry William and Fanny Morse.
Ernest James.Son of Wiiliam and Sarah Anne Smith. Frederick
Robert. Son of Robert and Emma Brobyn.
Ellis Harton. Son of Tom and Mary Anne Knight.
Edward John. Son of Henry Albert aud Louisa Hobbs.
Herbert. Son of James and Emily Grey .
William John. Son of John and Ellen Passey.
Alfred Walter. Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Heaven.
William. Son of Bernard and Mary Anne Reilly.
Charles James.Son of William and Sarah Anne Niblett.
Frank. Son of James and.Maria Nash.
Emmanuel. Son of Emmanuel and Caroline Mitchell.
Lionel. Son of Raymond Douglas and Emily Marston Trotter.

Francis Charles Wood of this parish, and Emily Wooles of Lydney.
John Nelmes and Alice Louisa Martin, both of this parish.
Henry Jennings of S.Cuthbert's, Wells,and Ellen Elton of this parish.
William Workman and Sarah Jenkins, both of this parish.
William Jackson of S.John's Leamington,& Eliza Sophia Knight Sheen of this parish.
Daniel Jessie Knight of Newport and Julia Oldland oftnis parish

Eliza Barling. January 15th. Aged 59 years.
Richard Taylor. 21st Aged 92 years.
Peter Nelmes. 28th. Aged 66 years.
John Evans. 31st. Aged 64. years,
Mary Ann Wooles. February 1st. Aged 48 years.
Mary Ann Wrenn. 23rd .Aged 41 years.
Ann Martin. March 5th. Aged 87 years.
William Workman. 31st. Aged 72 years.
Jane Crump. April 3rd. Aged 42 years.
Joseph Morris. 23rd. Aged 62 years.
John F. Hook. May 4th. Aged 66 years.
John Michael Reilly. 13th. Aged 9 months.
Albert William Hooper. June 1st. Aged 12 years.
Edward Cowell Brice. 4th. Aged 86 years.
Lucy Louisa Neale. 5th. Aged 6 years.
James Dee. 17th. Aged 63 years.
George Hatton. July 8th. Aged 50 years.
James Karn. 16th. Aged 73 years.
Georgina Morse..29th. Aged 66 years.
Edwin Parsons. August 13th. Aged 36 years.
Abraham Hearn. l7th. Aged 63 years
Anne Venn. September 24th. Aged 83 years.
Jane Sophia Cholditch. 29th.Aged 66 years.
William Turk October l0th. Aged 69 years.
Lucy Hall 14th. 10 weeks
Charles Lionel Jones 28th Aged 21 months
Thomas Flewett 29th Aged 62 years.
Sarah Workman November 19th Aged 28 years
Francis Elizabeth Collins 30th. Aged 35 years.
Joseph Knight December 11th Aged 69 years.
Agnes Rosa Hatton 24th Aged 22 months
Caroline Workman 30th Aged 6 weeks
Mary Humphreys 30th Aged 44 years.
Gwladys August~ Morgan 31st Aged 13 months.

The Second Lessons for every day have been printed in the Kalendar in the confident hope that many readers of the Parish Magazine, whose practice it has not hitherto been, may begin tbe New Year with a resolution to read each day in the family circle or in private one or both of the 2nd Lessons for the day.
It is purposed to hold a Mothers' Meeting, fortnightly, in the Parish Room at the Vicarage, over which Mrs Smithyman and Mrs Trotter have kindly promised to preside. The first meeting will take place on Tuesday the 17th, at 2.45, when all Mothers will be welcomed and the objects of the meeting and the plan of procedure explained.

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