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Lydney Congregational Choral Society's Annual Concert, 1947.

Lydney Choir 1943

Jo wrote (August 2008): "This is a photo of Lydney Congregational Choral Society's Annual Concert taken in April 1947 at Lydney Town Hall. Artistes were Sylvia Welling (Soprano) and Sidney Burchall (Baritone). The conductor was George Edwards and Accompanists Ruby Taylor and Betty Imm. The Chairman was W.C. Rivers, with proceeds to the Congregational Church Funds. It is copyrighted by Gloucestershire Newspapers Ltd ... ".

Row 4: Back row 1,2,3,4, 5 Sid Ellis, 6 7.
Row 3: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.
Row 2: 1, 2, 3 Lillian Beverstock, 4 Ann Mills, 5, 6 Mrs Hilda Lewis, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Row 1: - All those at the front left to right: 1A (far left), 1,2,3, 4 (seated), 5, 6 (behind in white), 7, 8 (behind in glasses), 9, 10 (behind), 11,12 Mrs Hemmings (behind), 13,14 (behind), 15,16 (behind), 17,18 (behind), 19, 20 (standing) George Edwards - conductor, 21 (standing) W C Rivers?.

Of the two gentlemen standing on the far right, second from end is the conductor George Edwards. Front row (seated) No 6 Edith Walker.

Peter Essex added (August 2009): "I'm going back some 55 to 60 years to recollect the face, but I believe the portly gentleman standing side on at the right as you look at this photo may well be W C Rivers, referred to above as having been the Chairman of this occasion - which could explain why he's in the picture but not, seemingly, in position as a singer. I remember Mr Rivers and his son Les (who had an Aston Martin) as attendees at Springfield Methodist Church, Lydney, so his association with a Congregational choir wouldn't be too surprising.   As I understood it, Rivers senior (often referred to, at least behind his back, as "Old Man Rivers") was the owner of Parkend Saw Mills.   I am submitting a related comment on the related 1950 photo".
Peter added (August 2011): "... I said in my earlier post that Les Rivers had an Aston Martin but apparently my memory is at fault. I now understand that he didnt but that he did have a Jaguar Etype. That would have been some years after this photo".

Della Leslie added (March 2011): "... third row down and third in from the left is again Lillian Beverstock my gran and next to her is her daughter Ann Mills my mother. Just for fun granny Lilly wore that same dress to my mother's wedding".

Thanks also to Hilda Meek (was Ellis) and Margaret Morgan.

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