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Lydney Congregational Choral Society 1950.

Lydney Choir

This photo was taken probably at Lydney Town Hall in the 1950s of Lydney Congregational Choral Society. On the reverse is printed 'The Forest of Dean Newspapers Ltd. Copyright Cinderford Glos'

Row 4: 3, Jim Kear, 6 Sid Ellis
Row 3: 1 (may be Mr Fisher). 2 William Frank Essex, 5 Fred George
Row 2: No1 (standing) Grace Knowles, 2 man in bow tie, then those sitting: 3 Mrs Fisher. 4 Miss Male (unsure of spelling but there is a plaque in her memory outside Lydney United Reformed Church). 5 Mrs Hale. , 6 Edith Saunders, 7,8, 9 Mrs Reeks (who lived in Spring Meadow Road).
Row 1: (all those seated) 1 Verdie Bartlett (nee Berry), 2 Frances Essex, nee Sterrey, 3 Mrs Craddock, 4, 5 Margaret Berry, 6 Phyllis Cowles, 7 Betty Imm, pianist, 8, 9 George Edwards (conductor), 10 Mrs Hilda Lewis, 11 Kath Lucas Harris, 12, 13 Marlene Nelmes (whose parents ran the Step Aside Inn in Albert Street) 14 Mrs Hemmings, 15 Margaret Virgo now Higgins, 16 Betty Phillips (maiden name)

Thanks also to Peter Essex, Margaret Higgins nee Virgo.

Thanks to Gill Knowles wrote (August 2008): "Lovely to see this photo of  a Lydney choir. My husband has a copy and on the back is written Lydney Congregational Choral Society. Apart from my mother in law Grace Knowles I believe the lady standing on the right could be Dora Gwilliam who was well known as a soloist in the Forest.  The lady seated 2nd from the right could be Anne Mills".

David Gwilliam added (July 2010) "... The lady on the right is my mother Dora Gwilliam as indicated. Sadly she died last month ..."

Thanks also to Jane Jones, Margaret Morgan, Kathleen Harris, Hilda Meek and Mary Saunders.

Peter Essex added (August 2009): "... Given the comment I've made on the related 1947 photo, I think Row 3 No. 2 could well be my grandfather William Frank Essex (now confirmed).   He was the choirmaster at Springfield Methodist Church, Lydney. Mr Rivers (see 1947 photo) sometimes attended there" and (Sept 2010): "... I and two relatives are pretty sure our grandmother Frances Essex nee Sterrey is Row 1 No. 2. She sang contralto from tonic solfa editions. At this time she lived at 42 Forest Road". and August 2011: "... it may be of peripheral interest that apparently not only did members of the Nelmes family run the Step Aside Inn according to Margaret nee Virgo, but also according to information posted under the photo' A group of men at Lydney Cross' Councillor Jim Nelmes had the Cross Keys pub. Perhaps this indicates what the Bible means by thirsting after righteousness!"

Margaret Morgan added (November 2009): "... Counting the ladies in white blouses on the second row, number 5 is Mrs Hilda Lewis".

Jon Mills added (February 2018): " ... I can confirm that the Lady 2nd right is ... Nan Mills"

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