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Wynols Hill House, Coalway, Gloucestershire.

Wynols Hill House

This is a photo of Wynols Hill House thought to be taken while it was in the ownership of Amos William Brown.

Obituary for Amos BrownAmos Brown was a trustee of Broadwell Memorial Hall. He died in September 1930.
A possible (coal) spoil heap can be seen to the left of the electricity transformer.

Wynols Hill House

Above: another photo with no spoil heap?.

Below: is a photo of Wyols Hill House before the electricity pole was erected.

Left: obituary for Amos Brown from September 1930.

Sue Hawkins added (July 2014): "... My father, Martin Hawkins lived at Wynolls Hill (born 1910 He left home to come to Guildford, Surrey in 1928 to work as a baker. He worked first for Mr.Watson. His father, John Hawkins was a close friend of Amos Brown, and he worked in Mr.Brown's pit at some time. Dad spent a lot of time with the Brown family after my grandmother Agnes Hawkins died in 1920. I pass through the Forest on my way to Wales, and often stop to look at the local sights".


Wynols Hill House

Kim Powles added: "... I have fond memories playing in the ruins of this old house in what was then known as Charlie Edward's Meadow - where it was situated. I remember also there was an orchard to the left side of it where a fine selection of Victoria plums greengages and apples could be scrumped. It was also rumoured that there were tunnels running from this fine old house all the way into Coleford, I know these tunnels existed as we got into them as children but whether they did actually run through to Coleford or not I couldn't say as we never ventured that far into them".

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