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Broadwell Memorial Hall.

Broadwell Memorial Hall

Memorial Tablets at the Broadwell and District Memorial Hall.

Coleford Area Partnership are trying to trace any existing documents releating to the Broadwell and District Memorial Hall.
A list of the trustees follows,
The information is wanted for a WW1 project this year and for the benefit of future generations.

The list below shows the name of the trustee, the village in which they lived and the date that they became a trustee.
We have a few more snippets of information for some of them.

List of Trustees of Broadwell Memorial Hall

Ambury, Ernest Edgar, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Brown, Henry Cartref, Lane End 13.09.1965
Brown Amos William, Wynols Hill, Coalway 09.01.1920
Brown, Benjamin Martin, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Corin, Henry Richard, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Edmunds William Edward,, Broadwell 13.09.1965
Ellis, Benjamin, Broadwell 09.01.1920
Fox, James William, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Harvey, Norman James, Broadwell 01.11.1978
Holmes, Edward Aston, Broadwell 13.09.1965
Humphreys, Henry/Harry Douglas, Broadwell Lane End
Ireland, Ernest Thomas, Broadwell 13.09.1965
Ireland, Thomas, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Jones, Sydney John Morgan, Coalway 13.09.1965
Joynes, William Stephen, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Joynes, Frank Henry, Coalway Lane End 30.04.1923
Kear, Arthur Thomas James, Broadwell 13.09.1965
Kear, Sydney James, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Lancaster, John Ronald, Coalway 13.09.1965
Lewis, Stanley Matthew,l, Coalway 13.09.1965
Lewis, Thomas, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Lewis, Gwilym George, Coalway 01.11.1978
Madley, Alfred Leonard Samuel, Coalway 01.11.1978
Mansfield, William Benjamin, Coalway Lane End 09.01.1920
Matthews, Frank, Broadwell 09.01.1920
Panting, Gordon James, Coalway 13.09.1965
Phillips, Thomas James, Broadwell 01.11.1978
Preece, Victor, Broadwell 13.09.1965
Smith, William Henry, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Smith, Colin Arthur, Mile End 01.11.1978
Teague, William Ernest, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Wheeler, Raymond Stanley, Broadwell 13.09.1965
White, Benjamin Hale, Mile End 09.01.1920
Williams, Ambrose Evans, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Wintle, John, Coalway Lane End 09.01.1920
Wyatt, Sydney James, Broadwell Lane End 09.01.1920
Yorke, William Thomas Evans, Mile End 09.01.1920

The Coleford Area Partnership appeal for information follows:

"An article that was published in the Citizen on 13th November 1989 informs us that a meeting was held on a hot summer day in 1919 when the decision was made to build the hall on land donated by Amos Brown, a local man, as a memorial to the forty three men who had given their lives in World War 1".

"There does not appear to be any information as to who actually built the hall, neither have we been able to find any drawings, but we do have information regarding the company that created the memorial panels".

"We would be most grateful for any information that anyone has about anything connected with the Broadwell area, including the local mines. They may contact the Partnership through our office which is at The Main Place, Old Station Way, Coleford, telephone number 01594 836469. We are also anxious to trace the whereabouts of the old Minute Books in connection with the Hall".

So, was a member of your family a trustee? or did a family member have a hand in building the hall? or perhaps someone has minute books or other documents relating to the hall?. If so please contact us.

Jim English added (July 2014): "... Ambrose Evan Williams ( a trustee) was my great grandfather who died in 1958 in his late 80's. He was a coal merchant in Broadwell until his retirement, then passed the business to his son Jack. The road he lived in was renamed after him, Ambrose Lane, which is still there today. The one thing that I remember him most for was teaching me as a boy to say the alphabet backwards, which I can still do today".

Sylvia Fitzwilliam added (August 2014): "... Henry Brown named as a trustee of Broadwell Memorial Hall was my father. Henry helped to run Bingo Sessions twice a week in the Hall. He had moved with my mother Thelma nee Wintle to Coalway from Middx in 1961. She was the daughter of John Wintle a Free Miner who lived at Yew Tree Cottage. John died in 1947 leaving a widow, my grandmother, Amelia. I was evacuated from Harrow in Middx during WW11 to live with my Grandparents John & Amelia and later spent holidays with them in Yew Tree Cottage, Lane End. I also spent holidays with Hilda & Frank Haviland in Broadwell. Frank was a baker in the Bakery just a few doors from the Hall. I used to help in the bakery. Hilda Haviland nee Wintle helped to run the Library in the Memorial Hall in in 1950's & 1960's"

Bill Nash added (May 2016): "... Sidney James Kear was my Grandfather - He ran a building business from and lived on Machen Rd Broadwell. His son Eric Kear who died last year (at 95) ran the business after Sidney died in 1955. Both Sidney and Eric were both in the Royal Engineers in the 1st and 2nd Wars respectively. Sidney spent the 1st war erecting portable hangars and workshops for the Royal Flying Corps. Eric was in the Desert and Italy and awarded the M.C. for action during the invasion of Sicily. S J Kear & Son were wound up in the 1980's when Eric retired".

Ruth Reed added: "... I wondered if you had any further information on Pt. C Worgan on the Broadwell and District War memorial ... . I am compiling my family history in the F of D and my Mother's maiden name was Worgan. Her father was born in Whitecroft. I know that there were a lot of Worgans in Bream where my Mother's Mother was born".

In response Eric Nicholls kindly provided the following:

"... He comes up in the Commonwealth War Graves records and in the roll 'Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919' as Charles Edward Worgan. I cannot say where the Edward bit comes from; he was born Charles and baptised Charles. He is the only Charles (Edward) Worgan in the Commonwealth War Graves registers. In the process I came across records for a couple more Worgan's so have written them up too".

Private C. Worgan, Gloucestershire Regt. – Broadwell Memorial Hall

This is Private 28244 Charles Edward Worgan 7th Battalion Gloucestershire Regt. Killed in action 15. 12.1916. No known grave commemorated on the Basra Memorial, Iraq (known as Mesopotamia at the time). There is no age and no next of kin given in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial register. Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914 – 1919 gives his birth place as St. Briavels, and he enlisted at Chepstow. The WW1 Soldiers database on the Forest of Dean Family History Trust website gives his residence as Broadwell and his enlistment date as 13.9.1914. He was entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal. He did not serve in Gallipoli which was 7th battalion’s first theatre of war. His birth in 1893 in the Chepstow Registration District was in the name of Charles Worgan.
1911 census – looks like Woodbine Cot, Brockweir Common, Nr. Chepstow
James Worgan head widower woodcutter born St. Briavels
Edith Emma dau 24 single born ditto
George Henry son 22 single woodcutter born ditto
Charles son 17 woodcutter born Hewelsfield, Glos. (His late mother’s name was Sophia)

Also found
Private 31092 Richard John Worgan, The Blistors, Bream. Attested at Lydney of 8.12.1915 aged 29 years and 7 months (so born about April 1886). He was a collier. Placed on Army Reserve 9.12.1915. Posted to 3rd Battalion Gloucestershire Regt. 13.6.1918, and transferred to Army Reserve Class ‘W’ on 15.12.1918. Did not serve overseas. His service record is water damaged and some of the information cannot be read. His wife was Mary, and the record lists 3 children, their names are ‘washed out’ but their dates of birth are readable – one born 1910, one born 3.8.1912, and the final one born 7.9.1913.

Also found
Private 13198 Charles Worgan, Gloucestershire Regt. later 315243 Labour Corps. Born Coleford about 1890. Address Coalway Lane End, Nr. Coleford, Gloucestershire. He was a collier. Attested at Coleford on 14.9. 1914. Posted to 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regt. 8.10.1914, posted to Depot 9.12.1915, posted 11th Battalion 3.5.1916, posted to 3rd Battalion 1.9.1916, and posted to 18th Battalion. 29.11.1916. Transferred to Southern Command Labour Centre 31.12.1917 and discharged under King’s Regulations paragraph 392 (xvi) – chronic asthma due to military service. Served overseas from 8.8.1915 to 9.12.1915 in France with 10th Battalion. Entitled to the 1915 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal and Silver War Badge.

A further contributor added: "... The family of Private Charles Worgan 10th Glosters had moved to Llanharan, South Wales in the mid 1890's. His brother David Henry Worgan, 10th Glosters was killed at the Somme, August 1916. Another bother, Sidney Worgan, RGA died of wounds in France in June 1916. Two other brothers, William Worgan and Thomas Edward Worgan also served in the army. Charles, according to family tradition, was gassed at the battle of Loos in 1915. After he was discharged from the army he returned to the Forest of Dean where he married and had a son, also named Chales. Charles senior died in 1918, followed by his son in early 1919.Charles, David, Sidney and Thomas Worgan are all commemorated on the war memorial at Llanharan".

A parade in BroadwellC. 1949 - a parade of the Broadwell Army Cadet Force in Broadwell near the Memorial Hall. Bob's dad is the drummer on the left and Dennis Oliver is the man on the pavement with his hands in his pockets. Just past the hall is Oliver's shop.

Photo and information Courtesy of Bob Smith.

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