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John Vaughan, Crown Woodman - 1

A photo of the family of John Vaughan

Back L-R: John Vaughan b.1883-d.1963, Joseph Albert Vaughan b.1885-d.1955, Colonel James Vaughan b.1896, d.?, Walter Otto Vaughan b.1890-d.1974, Timothy Vaughan b.1886-d.1948.
Front L-R: Alice, John Vaughan b.1868-d.1931, Dorcas Vaughan, Elizabeth Dorcas Vaughan (nee Hale) b.c.1860-d.1943, Annie Vaughan (wife of Timothy).

Matthew wrote: "My great grandfather was born in a village named Joyford in the Forest of Dean on the 18th November 1868."
"His father also named John worked as a Crown Labourer in the Forest of Dean. When John was old enough to go to work he had to work as a Crown Woodman, planting trees of all types Firs in many areas of the Forest".
"On the 19th July 1892 John Vaughan aged 21 married Elizabeth Dorcas Hale 22 years old ... John took over Sallow Vallets enclosure ... and lived in Sallow Vallets Lodge (which is still standing). His job was to maintain fences and work in the forest with other men. Work ranged from planting trees, felling trees, Pit prep and bark stripping".
"John and Elizabeth had 6 sons and one daughter from the years 1882 until 1889, this last son died at age 12 months. All the sons grew grew to over 6 feet tall. Some of the sons joined the poloce force and 2 sons worked down the coal mines in Wales".
"John Vaughan died on 6th July 1931 aged 63. Elizabeth died on 16 February 1943. Both are buried at Berry Hill churchyard.

"Colonel Vaughan was told by a doctor to emigrate to a hot country due to poor breathing (due to being gassed in the First World War) and he would not live to old age. He took the doctor's advice and moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. He was the last sibling to die and lived into his 90's".

Photo of John and Dorcas Vaughan

John and Elizabeth work in the grounds of their house in Sallow Vallets.

A photo of Sallovallets Lodge

John and Elizabeth's house, Sallow Vallets Lodge.
John and Elizabeth and John's mother Charlotte and the children.


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