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Rock Cottage / Vaughan, Joyford Hill, nr English Bicknor.

Outside Rock Cottage

Nigel wrote: "This is a photo taken in front of Rock Cottage on Joyford Hill, possibly in the late 1890's. I believe the man to be the above TIMOTHY JONES VAUGHAN. The lady in the photo below is there too. The younger lady on the right (above) would probably be one of Timothy Jones Vaughan's daughters".

Timothy Jones

"Above is of TIMOTHY JONES VAUGHAN 1847 - 1940. This is the Timothy Vaughan of the "Five Generations" newspaper cutting I sent in ... He died in 1940 aged 93, so I would guess this was taken sometime around 1910 - but that's a guess. He is my Great Grandfather, and I and my 4 siblings all have VAUGHAN as a middle name".

(Above right): "I don't know who this is, but I can make an educated guess". Can anyone identify this woman?
Nigel continued: "... I believe this is either SARAH VAUGHAN (née FORD) 1846 - 1914, wife of the above TIMOTHY JONES VAUGHAN - OR - this could be CHARLOTTE VAUGHAN (née JONES) 1823 - 1911, mother of the above TIMOTHY JONES VAUGHAN (which would make her also the mother of JOHN VAUGHAN referred to above". (can anyone confirm this?)

"This same lady is quite possibly in a previous photo I uploaded to you, Joyford Chapel 1890s - middle row, fifth from the left, standing in front of the man wearing the bowler hat".

A photo of Rock Cottage, Joyford Hill.

"Rock Cottage passed out of the family's hands in 1969/70. I took this photo in 2000 during extensive renovations".

Rock Cottage in 2006
This is what Rock Cottage looked like in 2006, after the renovations/extensions.

Nigel added: "... I have a couple of original legal indenture documents from 1901 and 1903 relating to Rock Cottage. It seems that Timothy Jones Vaughan's father, John Vaughan, bought Rock Cottage in 1864. After his death in 1890, the property passed to his widow, CHARLOTTE VAUGHAN. In 1901 Charlotte took out a mortgage with WILLIAM HENRY BLACK of Coleford, for £80. In 1903, it was taken over from Charlotte by the mortgagor and sold at auction for £110, and immediately purchased from the successful bidder by Charlotte's son, Timothy Jones Vaughan', for £110 plus a "consideration" of £15, without any break in actual occupation. So it seems the property was in our family for well over 100 years!".

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