A photo showing Bannock Tree cottage vegetable garden.

Bannock Tree Cottage, Bream, Gloucestershire

Harry Pitcher was born in the village of Bream, Gloucestershire . He worked underground for 50 years first in the Yorkshire coalfield and later in the Forest of Dean coalfield. Harry retired from mine work at the age of 65 due to severe illness.
Maud Pitcher nee Wills was I believe born in Harrogate Yorkshire. She was employed as a servant girl until marriage in around 1912. Little is known of her family except that her father was a regular soldier and her two brothers served in the First World War and both died at an early age due to the effects of gas attacks”  
(Harry was born in 1876 and Maude in 1882)

Edward Pritchard

Edward Pitcher: I was educated at Bream and Lydney schools. My first job was a plumber’s mate on a building site in Cheltenham. I then went to work at the tinplate works in Lydney from 1933 to 1941 when I was drafted to the ROF (Royal Ordnance Factory) Puriton (Bridgwater) There I met my wife.
I was called in to the army early in 1943 but my military career was very modest indeed. Following initial training, I joined the 5th battalion Devon and Cornwall Light Infantry but was regraded due to a damaged right elbow.
Did a short tour of France and Belgium. I was finally discharged from Cornwall Barracks, Plymouth in 1946 returning to work at ROF in Puriton until 1961 when I joined the BCL (British Cellophane Ltd.) which is the bonded fibre works in Bridgewater, where I worked until 1980.

Edward Pitcher





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    on the first group photo for the bannock tree is Ernie pitcher Ted pitcher. Bill Lucas Kath Lucas (Nee pitcher) Margaret pitcher.The cart picture is Ernie pitcher and brother Ted pitcher sat in the back.On the bank with the dog is Ted Pitcher and Bill lucas.In the back garden is Ted Pitcher margaret pitcher(ernies wife) unknown girl maud pitcher Kath Lucas( ernies and Ted’s sister) and Ernie pitcher).Derek Pitcher is a cousin to me. Thanks John pitcher.

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