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Men and Dogs at Moseley Green.

An old photo of a group of men at Moseley Green.

Ivor wrote: "... a group of men outside the Rising Sun Moseley Green I don't know the year, but the look of the trees and the heavy clothing it's winter time. With most of them having dogs then perhaps they've been rabbiting, I know Norman Akers is 2nd in on the right (holding dog) The rest of the men I don't know, perhaps someone will?".

At back (L-R): 1, 2, 3 (with dog on shoulder) Percy James.
At front (L-R): 1, 2 Elam Ward, 3 ,4 Richard Preest, 5 Norman Akers , 6 .

Angie Brain added: "... The chap second from left on front row is almost certainly Elam Ward. He was a regular at the Rising Sun and somewhat of a local legend".

Jackie Howlett added: "... The man 3rd from the left in the back row (holding a dog?) is I believe ... Percy James who lived at 13 The Barracks just across the wood from the Rising Sun".

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