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A Cottage near Mallards Pike, Gloucestershire.

An old image of a cottage near Mallards Pike.

Cottage at Moseley Green opposite the entrance to Mallards Pike.

Alec added: "... (I) don’t have a date for the cottage at Moseley Green. It is no longer there but you can still see the ridge where the garden wall once stood"

Robin Phelps asked: "... was that the Pike house? A tree was recently planted opposite the entrance to the lake. It is dedicated to Mr Maller of the pike house. I guess that's where Mallards Pike got its name".

Bob Smith added: "...I think George Hogg a boilerman who worked for many years at Fred Watkins Engineering also lived in one of these cottages ?".

Darren Maller added: "... My father's family were the last to live in this old pike house and the family name was often confused with Mallard, hence the name Mallards Pike. There is information on the board up by the lake. The lake of course is a man made creation when the Blackpool brook was dammed in the 1970's. The tree was planted near the foundations of the old pike house to remember all the members of the Maller family who lived there, grandfather Thomas, his sons,Thomas, William, Leslie, and George and daughter Dorothy. I believe the house was knocked down in the early 1950's"

Wendy Wilding added: "... I think George Hogg used to live in Howbeach Cottages. These were below Mallard's Pike on the same side of the road. They were set back off the road".

Ivor Ellis confirmed this: "... George Hogg never lived in this cottage. He lived with his Father & brother Tommy a few hundred yards further on down the Blakeney Road on the other side, close under Staple Edge Hill near Morses level, (a photo of these cottages are on the site). There was another dwelling, a bungalow, again further on down the road up on the bank, originally the offices for Wallsend colliery, I wonder if someone might have a photograph of this?".

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