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Watts Forecourt, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

An ols photo of cars on Watts forecourt, Lydney

Customers filling up with petrol on Watts forecourt when it was a Shell petrol station.

The B reg mini BLP 285B was sold new in 1964 so the pic must be after that time.

There were a few comments as to what the occasion may have been:

"... Given the length of the queue, my bet is that this was a promotional event to mark the change from attended, to self service - Watts were a little slow off the ground changing over. (Either that or there was a petrol shortage)".

"... judging by the number of cars waiting for fuel and the mk2 1800 about to pass the rear of the mini in the front of the picture my guess would be 1973. If like me you can remember, there was a fuel shortage that year and the government even printed ration books which got sent to owners of cars at the time".- Trevor Davies

"... Judging by the sheer volume/variety of shined-up cars, and the flag bunting, including that "coiled" to the lefthand side as if just removed from the front of the lanes, I suspect this was taken on the "grand opening" of the new forecourt ?. The Shell sign at top lefthand corner, with lettering within the Shell, is of pre 1971 style. At the back is a beach-buggy, based on a VW Beetle chassis, first introduced in the USA after 1966. It's behind a Vauxhall Viva HB, built from 1966-1970. These, plus the people's clothing and hairstyles, I think date it as 1970/71. I think the window sign shows a price, 59p, ??; if correct it's after February 1971. Do hope this helps !" - Jeff Jones.

Peggy has confirmed that the date was 1976.

Barry Mizen added (July 2018): "... I've got a feeling it was 1974 and maybe even the day when petrol was going up from 49p to 73p a gallon (not litre) overnight - due to the Arab Oil Embargo which halted supplies to those they saw as supporting the opposition in the Arab/Israeli conflict. We stayed open an extra hour or so that night to give everyone queuing up Highfield Hill and from Aylburton a chance to fill up, and to reduce the chance of conflict at the pumps. Or it may have been a more normal rush the day before the usual budget rise. It was also still an attended service, although one or two were beginning to take things into their own hands. I'm the young chap filling up a customer's Rover to the right".

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