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Watts Staff at a Watts Tyre and Rubber dinner 1950's

A photo of employees and at a dinner of Watts Tyres of Lydney

Teresa added... Trevor Hill is in here but not sure who else?
The image is a little distorted as it was taken using a mobile phone.

Row of men with back to camera. 5th from LHS is Bill White
Last man on RHS in Trevor Crabbe.

Last man on RHS is Trevor Crabbe Row of men with back to camera. 5th from LHS is Bill White ... the lady opposite him in white cardigan is Beryl Akers (Wilks) On Beryls LHS ... is Margaret Thompson

The signs above the mantlepeice look to say: "Hand in your tyres here for tyresoles service".

Margaret Fuller added (February 2021): "... I recognise Bill White, leaning back and looking at the camera, fifth from left on the largest table next to/behind the man with the pencil moustache. Bill White later became MD of the Tyre Group and a Group Board director. Also looks like Mr. John Watts under the right hand Tyresoles sign, possibly lighting a cigarette ... Have also spotted, just, Ted Wallace (with glasses) next to John Watts. Mr Wallace was MD of Tyres prior to Bill White".


Thanks also to Joyce Baxter,

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