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Children at The Tutnalls, Lydney.

A photo of children at the Tutnalls, Lydney

Left to right: 1 Jean Batcock, 2 (boy at back), 3 Monica Norris, 4 (boy at front with pointed hat), 5 Wendy Dunn, 6. 7, 8 (lady far right)

Dave wrote: "... This was an carnival procession to celebrate the coronation in 1953. The float was called Coronation and Fairyland and Monica Norris was the queen of the fairies. The float behind was the Conquest of Everest. Apparently after we had a coronation party at the Swan Hotel in Lydney which I remember and we were all given a copy of the new testament which I kept for years but lost some time ago. I can positively identify the location as being in Lydney at the spot where Hams Road and Tutnalls St. join. The second wand holder from the left is Monica Norris and third girl from left with a wand is my sister Wendy".

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