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The Severn Rail Bridge.

The Severn Rail Bridge

Above and Below: The Severn Rail Bridge after the accident in 1960.

(Brian) John Bunker added: "... (the pipe) carried the gas mains over to The Forest. A few hours after the blast vans with loudspeakers roamed the streets telling people to turn off the gas. They had to kit everyone out with Calor Gas stoves and there was an 'Army Kitchen' set up outside the canteen at Lydney County Infant/Junior School".

A second photo of the Seven Rail Bridge.

Jackie Howlett added (January 2016): "... The photos of the old severn railway bridge after the accident in 1960 brought back childhood memories. My family lived in Awre Road Blakeney at the time and during the following years in the early 60's me and my brother Phil James along with friends from our road would often spend our days on the bridge. We would go to the end looking down at the river and at the other side of the bridge across the gap. We would sit with our legs dangling over the edge eating bags of crisps and water from pop bottles. My brother and some other boys would (god forbid) climb on to the spans and go up and down all the way along! Childhood was very different in those glorious days of freedom and we knew no fear!!!".

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