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A Red & White cricket team.

An old photo of a Red and White (Transport) cricket team

Ivor wrote: "... This photo of Lydney Red & White bus company cricket team was loaned to me for the site by Glyn Brown. He's not sure of year and can only be sure of two people in the photo, his father Harold Brown (one time landlord of the Miners Inn Whitecroft) is second from left in the back row, and Cyril Gifford on extreme right in back row (in suit). It looks like they've won something?. I feel sure someone will know the year and names of the other gentlemen".

Back Row: (L-R) 1 Don Isaacs, 2 Albert Edmunds, 3 Bob Howells, 4 Harold Brown, 5 George Major.
Middle Row 1 Cliff James, 2 Malcolm Davies, 3.
Front Row 1 Charlie Cox?, 2 Russell Morse,3 Mr Grail, 4, 5.

Does anone recognise the location, trophy or people?

We think the location may have been the King George playing field, Coleford.

Sue Dixon added: "... I am sure the gentlemen either end of the back row of the Red & White cricket team are Don Isaacs, and the right hand side is George Major - the Managing Director of Red & White Services in Bulwark. I worked for Red & White from 1960 - 1965 and remember the both men very well".

Thanks also to Joyce Baxter, Mike James and David Brown

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