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More Lydney Sterreys.

old photos of the Sterry and Craddock families

Peter wrote:

"Top centre, bottom left and bottom centre: Frank (Francis Bertie) Sterrey and his wife Lil (Lydia) nee McLean. They lived at 23 Forest Road, Lydney. Frank was born 1893, grew up at 29 Albert Street, Lydney, and became a fitter at Lydney Junction. Lil was a Londoner born 1897 who nursed at Lydney Hospital, I believe as a Sister. Frank died in 1962, Lil in 1991. The centre bottom shot of Lil is dated Xmas 1981".

"Frank and Lil had one child, Alan, who features in the four photos down the right side. Top right shows him with Lil and a lady we assume to have been his wife Florence nee Morgan, known as Jill. Alan had a career in surveying. Jill, a former LGS pupil, died c. 2007, Alan in 2014 in his nineties. They lived in retirement at Kilmorie, 14 Kimberley Close, Lydney. The very bottom right shot bears Alan's writing of 'Alan at the dispensary, Kilmorie, 1989.'"

"Top left is one for the sungreen detectives. It shows Lil with a lady whose name is given on the back as Audrey Craddock. I have heard that a Miss Craddock was once matron at Lydney Hospital. There are several Craddocks on this website but none are given as an Audrey. The photo is undated and the venue and occasion are unidentified".

"The spelling Sterrey rather than the more frequent Sterry seems to have been adopted by Frank's father Henry who was also my great-grandfather. Alan was the last with the Sterrey spelling to live in Lydney. We had traced our line back to a wedding of Richard Sterry at Minsterworth in 1794, but Alan provided a DNA sample not long before he died which proved a link to the Sterrys of Longhope around 1660. Sterrys of our line continue to abound in and around Lydney".

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