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Two photos of pupils and staff at Lydney Secondary Modern School - 1959/60.

A photo of pupils at Lydney Secondary Modern School

Photo 1 (above) Teachers
Back L-R 1-Mr Richards (Metalwork), 2-Mr Arthur Berry (Music), 3-Mr Andrew J.Pike.Woodwork, 4-Mr Atherton (Art), 5-Mr Evans (Geography), 6-Mr Cox (Headmaster), 7 Mr Colin McDowell, 8, 9-Mr Rowe (Maths,French) ,10 Northram (English teacher), 11 Mr O.Neil (HIstory).
Front L-R (sitting on chairs) : 1 (lady in white top) Miss Goode, Mr Cox's secretary, 2 Esmee Allen, Girls Sport , 3. Mrs Newlove. Science. 4. ? 5. Mrs Isaac. Religious Knowlege. 6. Mrs Jenkins. English. 7. Mrs Cox. (wife of Headmaster) (Religious Studies,History), 8 Miss Grey (Needlework),9 Mrs James (English) no 10 Miss LLewelyn (English).
Front: 1 is Mr Trueman, 2 Esme Allen, 3 Fry (PE,Games)

Ken Virgo added "... MIss Goode married Mr Evans (Coggie)".

Peter Green added (June 2015): "... not late 50's - more like 1963 as Mr McDowel did not start until then. I know because I lived close to him, he just came out of the army and his son went there too just after the big freeze".

Thanks to Michael Brown, Eric Marshall, David Brown, Peter Richards, Clive Berry, Eric Marshall and David Essex,

A photo of pupils ay Lydney Secondary Modern School

Photo 2 Prefects
L-R: 1 Dale Walker, 2 Nora Evans , 3 Jennifer Hopes, 4, 5 Betty Sage, 6 Susan Jones , 7 (Head Boy) Des Hemmings, 8 Clifford Green , 9 Gary Edwards, 10 John Powell, 11 Anthony Jones.

Dave Bayliss added (December 2015): "... Gary Edwards ... Parents then ran The Beachley Ferry Hotel.Last is Tony Jones now the Reverend Tony still keeping us on straight & narrow".

Thanks also to Dave Bayliss, Michael Robbins and Linda Windridge.

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