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Form 1A 1952/53 Lydney Secondary Modern School.

An old photo of a class at Lydney Secondary Modern School in 1952

Graham wrote: "... I am sending my school photograph and the names I can remember. It is:- Form 1A 1952/53 Lydney Secondary Modern School".

Fourth row. 1. Mrs Jenkins. 2 Bob aAlaway 3 John Simpson 4.- 5.- 6.Graham Sandford 7.--.
Third row. 1.--- Vale 2- .3. --Page 4.- 5 - Graham Thorn .- 6. Graham Davies.7.David Old.8.Stanley Munday 9.- Valerie Probert 10 - Pamela Coles.
Second row. 1.Pat Conner.2. Betty Wright .3 Janet Haffenden- 4. Sheila Moore Wendy Powell 11 Julie Probert .-
Front row from left to right 1. Peter Remnant. 2. Brian Gower 3 Alan Robbins.- 4 Marlene Wood 5. 6. 7 Veronica Dowle, .8 Peter Rymer. 9.Len Cooksley. 10 -- Williams.

Thanks also to Len Cooksley.

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