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A class of Junior School pupils in Lydney, Gloucestershire in 1928.

A photo of a class of pupils and their teacher taken in Lydney in 1928

Back row: (L-R) Harry Thorne, Harold Beard*, Harold Gardener, Douglas Dennis, Peter Howells, Harold Davis, Wilfred Hobbs, Fred Miles, John Curtis.
4th row: (L-R) Keneth Kelsey, Ken Walker, Sidney Nelmes, - Newman, Bill Cleaver, Stan Wintour, Brenda Jones, Joan Merrett, Hilda Watkins, Ruby Roberts.
3rd Row: (L-R) Kathleen Howells (Teacher), Bill Comely, Doreen Hayden, Joan Taylor, Joan Willis, Phyllis Biddle, Doris Thorne, Marjorie Jones, Doreen Grabham, Mavis Probert
2nd row: (L-R) Jim Skelton, Dorothy Merrett, Lilian Cam, Murial Walker, Beryl Collins, Eileen Jones, Joyce Brobyn, Eunice Mulford, Mabel Morgan.
Sitting front row: Kenneth Liquorish, Harry Wright, Harry Temblett, Douglas Harrison, Cedric Vanstone, Bob Price, Ken Rees, Douglas Scriven.

Rog Dennis asked: "Douglas Dennis my uncle attended the Junior School ... I don’t actually know where the Junior School was, as I only briefly attended C.of.E. in Church Road in late 1956. So I went Googling, without success - so where was it located in 1928? .... I was then saddened to see Lydney’s C.of.E., in a surprise new location, with the Church Road site now “developed”. When did this happen?"

* Peter Essex added "Probably the Harold Beard who married Flo Salcombe, a niece of my grandmother Frances Essex nee Sterrey".

Anne Dobbs added: "... This building is now Lydney Community Centre. It is situated at the junction of Kimberley Drive and Naas Lane".

Jeff Jones added: "... The Victoria British History site discusses all Lydney's schools, I think this is the School which Rog remembers: "In 1866 the Rev W. H. Bathurst gave a site on the north-east side of Church Road and a new church school was built, funded by subscription and a government grant. In 1885 it had accommodation for 300, in boys', girls', and infants' departments. The school was enlarged in 1892 and 1899, bringing the accommodation up to 530. In 1910, called Lydney C of E School, it had an attendance of 263. From 1919 the older children attended the new senior council school in the town, and in 1922 Lydney C. of E. school, organized as junior mixed and infants, had an average attendance of 112, falling to 41 by 1938. It accepted controlled status in 1950. In 1973 it moved into the former secondary school buildings in Bream Road, it had 127 children on it's roll in 1990."

"The 1924 Ordnance Survey map clearly shows "Infant School" on Church Road, opposite the Almshouses, and next door a larger "School", backing onto Bathurst Park, which is presumably the Junior School. These school buildings are marked on the 1880 & 1903 maps. The 1924 map also shows another School (Lydney Grammar School) which is not on the earlier maps; on the High Street next to the Town Hall, abt where Old Town Mews is now. I think this is the aforementioned Senior School, "new in 1919". I suspect this is the original part of the current Dean Academy ?. Nowadays there is also the Lydney C of E Community School on the Bream Road which I think is the current Primary School, plus another on Nass Lane which appears to originate from the Council School which opened in 1906. Please note I'm not a Lydney resident or expert, so am reliant on online sat maps etc; beware this site can be disjointed... ?".

Anne Dobbs added: "... This building is now Lydney Community Centre. It is situated at the junction of Kimberley Drive and Naas Lane."

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