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A view from Lydney, Hill St Crossing.

Hill St Lydney the railway crossing

A hand coloured magic lantern slide produced by A J Lumbert, probably taken from the (former) footbridge over the railway line with Primrose Hill, Lydney in the distance. The lane to the right of the cars has deteriorated since the photo was taken and the cobble stones that are now exposed to the right of the cars are not visible in the photo - except perhaps in the pavement?.

Rev A. J. Lumbert worked for the church for 52 years in Primrose Hill, Lydney and built a tin church where the present church now stands. He died in November 1945 aged 76. He originated in Banbury, Oxfordshire and came to Lydney as a lay reader on a voluntary basis. He was ordained a deacon in 1931 and made a priest in 1932. He was a camera enthusiast and involved with the local Scouting movement.
(Glos Journal, 24 Nov. 1945 and other sources)

Tony Davis added: "... It would appear that the photograph was taken during the war as the word Lydney has been taken out of the name of the company as seen on the warehouse. I remember that the "Lydney Boot Store" in Newerne St.also had the name Lydney covered over. This was at the time when all signposts were also removed. Ps. I may be wrong !"

Frank Osborne added: "... Looking at this picture reminds me of the time myself Charlie Edwards 'Alvington' and Stan Halford 'Primrose Hill' were drinking in the Railway Inn, illegally of course! as we were still at school. circa 1966-67. We could see the main street from the lounge or smoke room. As the police arrived we were gone like lightening up the railway line, almost carrying or dragging Stan as he was worse for wear ... Happy days".

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