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Lydney Fire Station in Victoria Road.

An old photo of a fire engine and people outside Lydney Fire Station

The Lydney fire station was located in Victoria Road and is currently used as the Victoria Centre.

Back row (behind ladder): 1, 2, 3, 4 Lionel Howells, 5.
Middle Row 1, 2 Perce Clark (employee of Lydney RDC; rent collector) Touch Judge for Lydney RFC, 3 ? Priest ,4, 5. Wedgee Aplin 6. Bud Abbott (son of Police Superintendent) 7. George Webb ,8 (driver).
Front Row (standing on road): 1) Stan Linton, 2 Hubert Cox, 3 Charlie Williams,4, 5, 6 Pam Williams,7 Ann Slee.

Peter Essex added :"... The fireman third from left is Mr Fred Sims, a Lydney postman,who lived near us in Bathurst Park. We'd hear the fire station siren go off, closely followed by running footsteps, as he responded to the call".

Jon Mills added (January 2017): "... Front row standing number 2 is Hubert Cox, he went on to be the Station Officer when I joined in 1963".

Thanks also to Keith Kear, Neville Slee and Hilary Russell.

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