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Crane and logs at Pine End works, Lydney

The gantry crane at Pine End works, Lydney

The Gantry Crane travelled from the canal across Harbour Road to the plywood works at Pine End, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

A site visitor added: "... There were two gantry cranes running the lengh of the log yard, the one nearest the road was the Vaughn and the one furthest away was the Patterson, the crane in the background is a ten ton lift capacity crane which removed the logs from the barges, and put them to be cut into shorter pieces on the canal side before being lifted with the Vaughn into the log yard".

Nevill Slee added: "... The gentleman on the left of the photo is Tom Seymour who lived on Allastone Road, Lydney. Mr Seymour was the manager of the log yard and also controlled the steaming pits which fed the logs to the peeling Machines for the plywood manufacture".

John Cecil added: "Merv Rudge is the man with his back to the camera".

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