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Civil Defence members parading past Lydney Cross.

A photo of Civil Defence men paradig through Lydney.

Alathea wrote: "... Uncle Bill (Willet) leading" is written on the back .... I looked for a Bill/William Willet/Willett in Lydney in the 1939 register, but could only find a Reginald Willett. I think this must be the same person, because at the same address are Edward Bell, retired, and Marjorie Willet, wife: and another photo from my grandparents' collection shows "Mrs Bell and her daughter Marge Willet". Presumably he was nicknamed Bill from Willett, rather than because his Christian name was William. ... Reginald Willett's occupation is given on the 1939 register as "Departmental Manager Light Cars and Commercial Vehicles Moht (?)" followed by "Special Constable (307) ARP Deputy and Chief Warden". I think that the uniforms in the photo may be ARP wardens, but I'm not an expert so might well be wrong".

Jeff Jones added; "... Great photo, presumably from newspaper ? Yes definitely Civil Defence uniforms, see the C.D. badge on their breast pockets, the lettering below denotes what unit, in this case "Lydney" presumably ?. Thanks for posting, and thanks to all these men and ladies".

Alathea added: "... It may originally have been taken for a newspaper, but this copy had been printed on photographic paper. It was among my grandparents' old photos".

Peter Essex added: "... Interesting to compare this photo with "A group of men at Lydney Cross" on this site under Lydney page 1. Nobody in that Civil Defence-related photo appears to be shown in this one, unless the officer taking the salute is Brigadier Elsdale - but it doesn't look like the same moustache! Do we have a date for this one? I suspect it is pre-1946".

Thanks also to Dave Nash who added: "... although I don't know who he is I would suggest the Officer taking the salute is a Wing Commander in the R.A.F. (three hoops on sleeve of his uniform)".

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