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Aerial view of Lydney c. 1956/57

An aerial view of Lydney

Trevor wrote: "... It was given to me by Mr Melville Watts when I worked for them in the 1980’s. It was part of a set commissioned by the Maritime museum Cardiff in early 1960 ( you can see a passenger train in the station, which suggests it was a Berkeley road station service, prior to the bridge being destroyed on the 25th of October 1960) ".

The buildings of Lydney Tinworks can be seen at the top of the photo.

David Brown added: "... You can also see near the bottom left hand corner, Lydney Gasworks".
(Lydney Gaslight and Coke Company was registered July 27, 1860, - Cheltenham Chronicle 31 January 1865)

David Essex added: "... This gives a good view of Bathurst Park Road, with the police station at the right-hand end. I lived at No. 16 at this time, which can clearly be seen just past the first bend in the road".

Keith Kear added: ... Council Tenants at S.W. corner (semi-detached houses)
1. short curve from top:- WADLEY + THURSTON; WATKINS + THORN; BOYCE + WILLIAMS.
2. straight line heading to NE corner:- BARNET + HULIN; DYALL + ADDIS; ? + LEE; VIRGO + WILKS.
3. ADDIS son killed Burma 1944; WILTS husband lost at sea WW2.

(Brian) John Bunker added (January 2015): "... Gosh - takes me back years - lived at 13 Regent St which looked up Fairfield Road - bottom left - went to school with Linda Barnett first house - Dyals at third house (spoke to John Dyal 8 weeks ago) One of those houses on the corner facing was occupied by Tovey family as I went to school with son who's name escapes me at present. Think the photo is earlier than 1960 as the Coke Works is still there".

David Essex added: "... Should the name of the family in Fairfield Road that Keith Keir gives as 'Wilts' actually be Wilks*? Lydney's War Memorial commemorates the name of Ronald George Frederick Wilks, RN, who died in 1941. He was a childhood friend of my Mother, Mariann Wiggell, whose family ran the shop at Tutnalls before the war".
* now corrected.

Bob Marrows added: "... With both the gasworks and tinworks still operational, the photo has to date from before 1958, while certain railway details and road vehicles (more clearly discernable on an original print) determine thatit must also be post-1955. It would therefore appear that this high summer scene was recorded in either 1956 or 1957".

Thanks also to Roy Watkins.

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