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The Severn Rail Bridge

2 old photos of the Severn Rail Bridge

Two old photos of the Severn Rail Bridge taken by A. J. Lumbert.

These images are taken from hand-coloured 'magic lantern' slides.

Peggy Ryland added: "... Seeing those pictures definitely brought back a bad memory of travelling on a train over water. The carriages swayed from side to side. Strange noises seemed to be coming from the wheels on the track. I remember looking down once. What a long way down the water seemed to be! My hands were over my eyes as the train chugged along, seemed an age before we reached the other side. That day I discovered my fear of heights, and water. Many years later I refused to walk over Clifton Suspension bridge. The memory of the train ride firmly embedded in my mind!"

Eric Marshall added (August 2016): "... I fondly remember crossing the bridge on a few occasions... One time particularly comes to mind in the late 1950's. I was probably 11 or 12 at the time. I went with my extended family on a shopping trip from Lydney to Bristol using the bridge crossing and connecting rail services. We had an enjoyable day out and on the return journey we all got off the stopping service at Berkeley Road for the Lydney connection. We waited and no Lydney service showed up! My Father and my sisters husband decided to find out what was happening. They were infomed that the last train had left some time earlier. Dad and Bill remonstrated with the station official trying to convince him that the timetable we had checked showed a train for Lydney after the time we had arrived at BR. Anyway, the upshot was that they stopped an express from Bristol for us to clamber aboard! We then got a connection at Gloucester for Lydney. All very exciting for an impressionable youngster. From that time on I was hooked and became quite an avid train spotter while there was still steam to see!".

Ad for Severn and Wye railway excursions
Ad Ad from 1890 for rail excursions to the Forest.

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