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Serridge and Mireystock 1968

Two old photos of locations pn the former Severn and Wye Railway

These photos taken by John in 1968 show:

"Left image is the 'main line' of the S&W (Severn and Wye) north of Serridge Junction".

"Right image is the north portal of Mierystock Tunnel (before it was filled in and then dug out again. Is there any news of plans for the cycle track?"

A site visitor (name supplied) added: "... There will be no cycle track through this tunnel due to the fact that it supports the hibernation of Lesser and Greater Horseshoe Bats which are protected by strict conservation laws. Don't blame me, I'm just reporting the facts. If the portal of the tunnel was opened out, it would affect the air temperature and thus affect the bats' ability to conserve its energy reserves and could wipe them out".

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