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Members of Coleford Fire Brigade.

A photo of Coleford Fire Brigade

Roger wrote: "Please see attached photo of Coleford Fire Brigade, this was taken in the Council Offices yard where the fire station was located prior to the new fire station being built at Cinder Hill (not sure of the year although I guess it was in the late 50’s.) My late father Sid Byard is front row second from the left. The other people in the photo are as follows:"

Rear (left to right) Alec Baldwin, 2 unknown, Roy Cole, Tony Baker, Jeff Davies, Trevor Ballinger, Norman Smith, Arthur Lewis, Knight.
Front (left to right) Dick Green, Sid Byard, Reg Sale, Charlie Kay (Sub Officer) Bill Baker (Station Officer) Graham Smith, Roy Dyer, 8 unknown.

Bill Nash added: "... The picture is probably the 1960s not 1950s. The Cinder Hill station was opened late 1960's to my recollection. I remember distinctly Trevor Ballinger tearing down Victoria Rd from the house where he and his father lived on his bike on the way to a call out... Quite a sight!!! Charlie Kay of course was the Grocer on Market Place next to the White Hart".

Dave Nash added: "... the Charlie Kay Bill is referring to is Charlie Kay Senior. Charlie "junior" worked for many years on Severn Trent".

Michael Coleman added (DEcember 2021): " I came upon this site by accident and noticed a number of photo sections, in particular Coleford Fire Station from the 1950's. I was born in Coleford in 1951 and lived initially at Gorsty Knoll, then 2 High Nash and finally at 11 Mushet Place until late 1958 when my family moved to Australia. I thought I would check out the Firemen photo as I knew that my best friend's father was a fireman - Mr Byard. Sure enough, there was Sid Byard in the photo. But most surprisingly, the photo and accompanying description was placed by his son Roger. Roger Byard was my best friend for several years at primary school".

Charles Smith added (July 2023): "... My Father's Sister Alice was married to Ernie Ratcliffe and had a son also named Ernie who were both firemen, but possibly before this photograph. They lived at 40 Sunny Bank. I did not know that Roy Dyer was also a fireman who lived at number 41. I used to stay at number 40 during school holidays and became very friendly with the Dyers' next door. ... "

Thanks also to Adrian Lewis, Curt Green and Gill Knowles.

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