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People at Coleford Carnival in 1960.

Coleford carnival 1960

See legend below: 1 (boy with hand to mouth), 2, 3, 4,5 Gerald Hill (Teacher at Bream Secondary and later Whitecross, AKA 'Scruf',) 6 , 7, 8, 9 Naomi House ( nee Nash) 10 Jess House , 11 Nellie Nash ( Sam's wife) 12 Sam Nash (Bill Nash's Brother) 13 Bill (William) Nash, 14, 27 Mable Jenkins, 28 Jess Jenkins, 38 Graham Smith, steward of Coleford Town and District Club the site of which is where the current Coleford Police Station is located, 40 Violet Morris (nee Beard) 41 Roy Morris 42 Julie Morris daughter, 45 Elizabeth Jones, 49 Mrs Smith, 50 Hilary Smith, 55 Graham Morris (son of Violet and Roy), 57 Eileen Wilstead (nee Beard) 58 Rose Beard (Mother of Eileen) 60 Barbara Hoare, 63 Peter Teague, 65 Walter ?, 69 Larry Sterret, 71 Anita Morris (daughter of Violet and Roy) 72 Jennifer Wilstead (daughter of Violet and Roy Morris) 80 Mr Creed, 98 Ethel Powell, 114 Mr Smith (postman,) 115 Earnest Malsom, 116 Pamela Malsom, 117 Dorothy Malsom, 119 Mrs Hoare

Bill Nash added: "... No 13 Bill (William) Nash (My Grandfather .. and Namesake) My Dad ( Godfrey Nash) would have been part of the organising committee in 1960 with such town notables as Frank Blanch. Nellie and Sam lived in Newnham (opposite the Victoria Hotel)".

Thanks also to John Ricketts, Keith Hinton, Roy Cole, Ivor Ellis and Colin Henderson.

Legend kindly constructed by John Ricketts.

carnival legend

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