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St.Stephens Church choir, Cinderford, Gloucestershire in the 1940s.

A photo of the members of Cinderford St Stephen's Choir

Graham Gibbs provided these names (January 2021) - Graham added "... I have not provided a name where I am unsure and marked with a ? ... "
BACK ROW: Recognize but Unsure.
FOURTH ROW: ?, Cedric Roberts, Beryl , Jennifer Boey, Peggy Neve, ?, Roger Diamond.
THIRD ROW: Michael Witts, , ?, ?, ?, ?/,Keith Wood, Robert Byett.
SECOND ROW: Graham Probert, Hugh Porte, /Graham Gibbs, Kenneth Butcher, ?, ?, Tony Roberts, Not Michael Ashmead but Tom Aveston, Mr. Aveston.
FRONT ROW: Joe Diamond (Choirmaster), Tom Witts Lay Preacher, Reverende Arthur Neve (Vicar), John Mitchell (Organist).

Graham Turner added: "Front row far right is Mr Mitchell, organist at St Stephen's and teacher at Bilson School. I think I can also see Bob Byett, Keith Wood and Michael Popejoy but I'm not absolutely certain".

Royston Pritchard added: "... The Layreader sat on the Vicars R.H is Mr Witts who was treasurer of The Cinderford Co-operative Society. I dealt with him in 1962 when I rented our first shop off the Co-op in St. John St. Coleford".

Annice Powell (Butcher) added: "... Second row from front far left Graham Probert . 4th from left Lawrence Butcher. Far right Michael Ashmead (?) and Mr. Aveston. Standing towards the back are Barbara Annetts and Jennifer Boey ..."

Ken Butcher added (March 2021): "...What a great photo . I reckon this was approx 1950, just before I joined the choir in 1952/53 ...".

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