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Northern United and Cannop Collieries.

Forest of Dean Collieries, Northern and Cannop

A scanned extract from a booklet published approx. 1932—cover is missing so no identification. The booklet is in the possession of Audrey Morris—wife of the late Eric Morris , Freeminer and former President of the Freeminers Association.

Peggy Ryland added: "... I found these pictures very interesting. My grandfather and four uncles worked down the Northern Pit. My uncle saved a man's life. He held a pit beam up when there was a cave in. By doing this his best friend managed to crawl out. My Grandma had a copper full of water so they could all have baths they got home after a shift. As a little girl I was a little scared as you could see red eyes surrounded by black pit dust when they came back home. There was a very strong bond between the miners as every shift they risked their lives doing down deep into the pit".

Thanks also to John Hodges.

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