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Heywood Level nr Cinderford in the 1960's.

A photo taken underground at Heywood level


Heywood level

Underground at Heywood Level.

Mike Jones added:"... The picture with the chap in the trilby looks very much like Addis Hill Cross measure Level which is in Heywood Inclosure jut to the right of the HV power lines going up. It was a novel bit of mining - turning left and right just short of the Coleford Highdelf seam - Staying safe in the sand stone rock and poking through at regular intervals to work the coal to the landside. To the right it linked up with Heywood Pit workings and left it linked with Addis Hill and Fairplay. dog legged straight on is a air shaft. The recess on the left is a fire grate for ventilation. The Cross measure was still in pretty good condition in 1988 but the right and left roadways were beginning to show signs of collapse and bad air through lack of ventilation. There was a good flow of water from the Cinderford direction draining down through into probably Fairplay".

Robert Harris added: "...later called I believe known as Dummers Level later Lustys had a large chimney on it near the entrance".

Terry James added: "... Growing up in Cinderford in the late 1950s and early 1960s it was known amongst the kids as Lust's Tunnel I spent many days playing in that area ChIldren were safe in those days to go playing in the woods unlike today".

Dave Tuffley added: "... With the owners's permission two of us went up the level and went to the right as far as the very end. We then went to the left hand side but got religion due to the awful state of the roof. I understand that there is a roof fall along the cross-measures tunnel and no one can get in there now. It is not a place for anyone to wander into due to the potential of blackdamp which has proved a killer in the Forest of Dean. I took a flame safety lamp in with me, and I am also a small mines deputy. I know the name of the place as Dummer's level".

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