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Cinderford, Double View School, ex pupils- WWI

An old photo that may show former East Dean pupils that fought in World War I

Greg wrote: (in 2015) "I have attached a photo which I believe is of ex-pupils of Double View school prior to departure to the front. The man in the centre might be the headmaster. Hopefully someone might have more information. The only clue I have is that my great uncle, Pte Hubert Hall is in the picture. He lived in Belle Vue Road, Cinderford and went to Double View. It isn't a regimental photo, because there are at least two different regiments in the picture. So I thought school maybe. ... I think he (Hubert) is third from the left in the middle row. I'm comparing him to photos we have of Hubert on his own, and I'm pretty sure that's the one".

Mark Rodway added the following (January 2023): "Text from a newspaper cutting: This is a group of some of the first men to enlist from Cinderford in August 1914. They were amongst the first men to leave the Forest of Dean".
Back row: Pte. T. Tyler (Worcesters), Ptes. Evans. brothers (Gloucesters), Pte. George Tyler (Worcesters), Pte. Edwards (Gloucesters), Sgt. Ray Bradley (Field Artillery), Pte. Albert Barnard (Worcesters), Pte. Hawkins (Gloucesters), Pte. George Hughes (Gloucesters), Pte. Stanley Jackson (Gloucesters), Mr. George, Barnard, the Cinderford bandmaster, who had then just joined up.
Middle row; Sgt. Fred Boughton (Gloucestershire), Pte. Fred Hall (Gloucesters), Capt. William Hale (Gloucesters), Pte. Matthews (Gloucesters), Mr. J. A. Emery former headmaster of Double View School, which all these Servicemen attended, Pte. Stanley Weaver (Gloucesters), Pte. Kenvin Giles (Gloucesters), Pte. Gilbert Beach (Gloucesters), Crpl. Ernest Vick (Gloucesters).
Front row: Pte. William Beddis (Gloucesters) Pte. William Lee (Worcesters) Cpl. H. Meredith (Gloucesters), Pte. Gilbert Bull (Gloucesters) and Pte. William Parry

Robert Harris added: "... headmaster, the notorious Mr Emmery"

Jeff Jones added: "... The civilian definitely looks like John Alfred Emery, headmaster of Double View, from the 1915 School photo also on this site. It's hard to tell without the original photo, but there does seem to be various cap badges on show, suggesting they're from more than one regiment, probably the Glosters and maybe the South Wales Borderers too ?".

Ron Beard added: "... The front left is Bill Beddis, Arthur did not join up until Nov/Dec 1915 when he and four other local lads volunteered for the Severn and Avon Valley Pioneers raised by MP Webb. His four friends were Jim Beard, Tom Beard, Bill Walkeley and "Buller" Turley. Buller Turley was awarded an MC and was the only one of the group who did not survive the war".

Rosie ? added (January 2021): "... I know my great uncle Alfred George Hitt is in this photo as I remember my mum having it in her collection and telling me about him. He was in the 4th battalion Worcestershire regiment and died 27/9/1917 aged 20. Not sure which is him though. He lived in the Lower High St, Cinderford".

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