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Cinderford Carnival entrants circa 1952.

A photo of a float in Cinderford Carnival in 1952

Joe wrote "... Please find attached photo of a carnival? at Cinderford circa 1952".

At the rear: 1 Girl with blonde hair, then 3 children - mostly hidden, 5 tall boy with striped tie: John Coldrick, 6 girl in large hat: Ann Coldrick.

All those at Front - from left to right: 1 Phyllis Buffrey, 2 , 3 Suzette Brain, 4, 5 Alfie Meek, 6 Barry Marshall, 7 Joe Buffrey, 8 Veronica Buffrey, 9 Diane Clutterbuck, 10 Rosemary Clutterbuck, 11 small girl at front looking left - Ruth Bradley, 12 Janet Bradley, 13.

Mike Roberts added: ... This is the Belle Vue Road street-group. The boy in braces in the front row is Barry Marshall,and to his right is Alfie Meek. The girl in the floral dress between the Coldrick children is Janet Bradley, with her younger sister (I think,Ruth). In front of John Coldrick are the Clutterbuck sisters, Diane and Rosemary".

Thanks also to Robert Harris.

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