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Cinderford residents in Valley Road, Cinderford?

A photo of a group of Cinderford residents

Back - top left: Roy Dorrington,
Back - starting with the lady in a hat (just the eyes showing) - Marion Bullock, Eileen Jones, Jean Morgan, Pamela Meredith, Mrs Cresswell, Cyril Burris and Mrs Weaving.
Front, 1 Elsie Tudor, 2 then second from left with the five buttons: Lilian James (later Lilian Robinson). 3 ,4 Mrs Bullock, 5 (seated) Mrs Jones, 6 (seated) Mrs Morgan,7 (seated) Mrs Wilkins,.
Middle front with glasses: Olive James.

Peter added: "... I have no real information about it other than a few names but I would very much like to find out more names or any other information anyone might be able to provide. It looks like there were more people to the right so there may be another picture somewhere that matches up with this one. I’m hoping someone might have that picture. ... I’m assuming the photograph was taken in Cinderford and possibly Valley Road, as that’s where my mother and grandmother lived, and from the apparent age of my mother, I’m guessing the photograph would have been taken in the late 1930’s".

Thanks also to Maureen Pritchard and Judith Pritchard.

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