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Army cadets at Penhale Camp, Cornwall in 1965.

Some local cadets at Penhale camp in 1965

Seated on chairs right, …….. SMI Tony Parsons, RSM Colin Smith, third from the left SMI Fred Niblett. Standing left Cdt RSM Roger Niblett. Behind Retd Major AW Golder in civvies is Mike Hopkins, to the right is ….Morse, Graham Whitaker, John Read, Tony Beech, Stuart Brooks, Gary Bradley, Moggsy Morgan, Peter Isles, Cdt Sgt Alan Elliott.

Alan Watkins added "I can fill in a few more of the names along the seats (row two). They are:
2 Sgt Seamus Bond (not Tony Parsons), 3 SMI Fred Niblett, 6 Capt Frank Watkins, 7 Capt Dick Golder, 8 Maj (rtd) Alf Golder, 11, Maj Paddy Dolan, 13, SMI Tony Parsons. I suspect the photo was taken by Lt Terry Beckett.. I was at Penhale camp, but seem to have avoided the glamour line up!".

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