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Children from Bilson School Nativity Play c. 1971. at Cinderford Baptist Chapel

Children from Bilson school at a Nativity play

L – R:
Pulpit: 1 Elizabeth Endy, 2 Joanne Clarke?, 3 Caroline Price
Stage: (on steps)1 Catherine Hooke ??., 2 Nicky Bower (in bishop’s mitre) 3 Martin Knapman, 4 ?, 5 Gillian Eagles, 6 Judith Pritchard, 7 Helen Belcher, 8 Christopher Evans, Shepherds = 9 David Duggan, 10 Chris "Chippy" Walding 11 ?, 12 Jeff Jones, 13 David Jones (on step just in front of Jeff Jones)
Front row: 1 Martin Hale, 2 Nicky Hill, 3 Beverley Cresswell?, 4 Lesley James?, 5 King = Paul Worgan, Angels = 6 Carol Birkett, 7 Angela?, 8 Julie Harris, 9 Sally Mills, right hand side of steps = 10 Jan Matthews, 11 Carolyn Ward, 12 Carol Jones.

Adrian Close added: "... I was one of the wise men in this picture. If I remember rightly Mrs. Mitchell was in charge of the play".

Thanks also to Jeff Jones.

Jeff further added: "... Beatrix Richards (daugher of Rev John Richards at St Stephens in the 1970s) thinks the girl at far right is Carol Jones. Also please say hello to Adrian Close who's posted, hope he's well. He gained fame when an ape swiped his glasses during a Bilson trip to Bristol zoo !. We played together in those days, especially in the orchard at his house on top of Littledean Hill/Dockham. Adrian's right, musical events were led by Mrs Mitchell, helped by Mr (Cliff) Bonser at the piano. Other names I remember from our year at Bilson were Richard Harris, Russell Bowles(became goalie at Cinderford Town), David Meek & older brother Leslie, Jenny Cargill, Rita Partridge ?. ".

Kim Turner added "... the Blonde shoulder length hair girl with tartan like skirt looks like Sandra Wheeler".

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