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Preest family in Beech Way, Bream

An old photo of members of thr Preest family of Bream

Ivor added "... on the back it says Jack, Gran and Sam Priest, but it is also is spelt Preest elsewhere on the back".

The house still exists although much changed in Beech Way, Bream.

Brian Neale added "I had a uncle and his name was Jack Preest and he was married to Kate Morgan and lived in Sling, I am wondering if that is Jack on the photo. I remember Uncle Jack and Aunty Kate from way back in the 1950s/ 60s".

Ken Ellis added (November 2016): "... I wrote the details on the back of this photograph. This is my Gran For many years I had thought the family name was Priest, and this was entered on a lot of forms I completed. I found out after many years I had been in error and the correct spelling is Preest".

John Donahue added (April 2018): "My Grandfather was a Richard Preest. Born 1872 in Bream. Father was James Preest. Mother was Ann Beach. Came to US in 1880. Lived in Perry County Ohio".

A googlr photo of the same cottage

A Google Streetview photo of the cottage - downloaded Sept 2016.

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