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Park Gutter (Princess Royal) winding room, 1938

Two 1938 photos taken in the winding room at Park Gutter colliery, Bream

A photo of a conveyor belt in a coalmine taken in 1938.

Tony wrote: "... The two of the winder (above) are captioned Park Gutter Mine. I guess the conveyor is the same mine? Taken, I think, Spring 1938 by David Logan who was then a final year student at the Camborne School of Mines. He then went to Canada and these were sent to a friend of mine by Terry's son... ".

Bill Nash added: "... A winding room my grandfather(also Bill Nash) would have known. He started stoking boilers before WW1 at Flour Mill then went on to be an engine driver and pump man in the Park Gutter and Princess Royal collieries".

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