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Mothers and infants from Bream, Gloucestershire in the "Green Hut", Bream

A photo of Bream Mothers and Infants in the Green Hut.

Gwyneth recalls that this photo was taken in the "Green Hut" in the mid1950's. The Green Hut was located in the approximate location of what is now Poppy Gardens, New Road, Bream. It was donated by Mrs Percival of Priors Lodge for use as a village hall.

Mothers – left to righ:t Mrs Hazel Davis, Mrs. Earl, ?, ?, Mrs. Hayward, Mrs. Dovey, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Trafford, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Jones, ?, Mrs. Seaborne, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Hirst, Mrs. Wilks, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Damsell, Mrs. Gifford, Mrs. Cassidy.

Children include: Martin Davis, Sandra Davis, Lyndsey Clifford, Steve Cassidy, Susan Cassidy, Myra Earl, Ronald Earl, Lynne or Susan Hayward, Gary Phillips, Lesley Trafford, Gwyneth Lewis, Elizabeth Jones, Robert Dovey, Malcolm Seaborne, Jenny Elliott, Margaret Wilks, Susan Pitcher, John Elliott, Paul Hirst, Susan or Helen Miles, and Christine Damsell.

Thanks also to Kay Ward.

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