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Martin Vaughan of Bream at a local colliery?

A photo of Martin Vaughan

This photo of Martin Vaughan of Bream may have been taken in a local colliery - possibly Flourmill or Park Gutter?

The pipe to the right of Mr Vaughan has the letters B T H cast into it and the back of the photo is stamped with copyright notice of British Thomson Houston Co., Ltd..

Does anyone recognise the building or equipment?.

John Wilcox added: " ... , certain from visits to Princess Royal these are the controls of shaft haulage equipment. However I do not believe it is Princess Royal due lack of space to construct the 'cabin' that existed around these controls at that pit. Suggest Flour Mill is therefore likely. Regular operators at Princess Royal included Hubert Turley [of caravan business connections] - ? Brown who lived at the lower end of Fetter Hill and one other whose name is lost to me. My father, Harold Wilcox, was a 'regular' relief operator. I have many memories of time spent in that warm cabin on winter evenings! ".

Brian Neale added: "... He is controlling the speed and decline of the cage which could hold men or drams containing coal coming up from the bottom of the shaft. My father worked the pit for some years in the Rhondda".

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