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The Oakwood Inn, Bream.

Photos taken inside the Oakwood Inn, Bream

Ivor Ellis wrote: "... The above photos were sent to me by a Mr Dave Evans from over the other side of the Severn,. He told me he had made a film of the inside of a Forest pub 'The Oakwood Inn' back in 1968/69 (it could'nt have been later the 'Mill' as it was called closed in 1969) His friend also took these few photos. My brother Dave & myself were playing & singing there at the time".

Photo 1, 1)?, 2)?, 3)?, 4) - Powell?...

Photo 2, Myself & brother on guitars,on the left Brian Crote...

Photo 3, My Mother Glad, Brenda Meek, my Father Ivor & unknown customer....

Photo 4, - ? Powell, Sid Parker & my Mother Gladys Ellis.

A photo of a customer in the Oakwood Inn.Left: Mr Nelmes in front the the piano in the Oakwood Inn.

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