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The Oakwood Inn, Bream.

Photos taken inside the Oakwood Inn, Bream

Ivor Ellis wrote: "... The above photos were sent to me by a Mr Dave Evans from over the other side of the Severn,. He told me he had made a film of the inside of a Forest pub 'The Oakwood Inn' back in 1968/69 (it could'nt have been later the 'Mill' as it was called closed in 1969) His friend also took these few photos. My brother Dave & myself were playing & singing there at the time".

Photo 1, "Show's my mother & father behind the bar, Brenda Meek drawing a pint,& Pat Carson nearest camera.....".

Photo 2, "Again my Mother & Father Glad & Ivor Ellis & Brenda Meek, (my brother's future wife) ,Pat Carson (with glasses), Brian Crote, Glanmore Martin, Bill Baker at the end of the bar".

Photo 3, "Myself & Brother Dave singing, The paintng over the piano was much larger than it appears in the photo it was a painting of the Battle of Omdurman in the Sudan in 1898 with a legend showing all the battlions of Lord Kitchener's army, their positons; the Madis army & supporting gun boats on the Nile, wish I knew what happend to it, ...". A copy of the picture is on this page.

Photo 4, "Again my brother & myself playing, & nearest the camara by the piano I belive is a young Steve Hart".

Jessica Morgan added (September 2015): "... Photo 4 - Couple by the piano: Lynda Brown (nee Clutterbuck) and Dave Brown".

Thanks also to Colin Henderson.

a photo of the Oakwood InnLeft: A photo of the Oakwood Inn, Bream. An entrance and drainage level to Oakwood Mill Deep Level iron mine is just off the bottom left corner of the photo. The mine itself was some distance away beneath Bream Tufts and Noxon Park.

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