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Bream School pupils in the 1920s?

A photo of pupils of Bream school, probably from the 1920s

Row 3 (back row): L-R: 1  Maurice Lewis,2 Cyril  Gifford ,3 Nancy Davis ,4 Joy Roberts ,5 Esme Brice ,6 Iris Hatton ,7 Arnold Isles ,8 Kath Rudge, 9 Harold James, 10 Norman Cooper ,11 Cyril Jenkins , 12 Nora addis (Teacher)

Row 2: L-R: 1 Pearl Holes ,2 Ivy Batten ,3 Marion Davis 4, Betty Vaughan, 5 Lily Ellis, 6 Winnie James/ Madge Baker, 7 Stanley Watkins, 8 Cissie Moore, 9 Margery Elway / Mavis Evans, 10 Joyce Worgan
Row 1 (front row) L-R: 1 ,2 Peggy Hughes,3 Queenie Browning ,4 Madge Baker/ Vera Knight,5 Don Ward ,6 Peter Shingles ,7 Geoff Wildin ,8 Sylvia Wasley ,9 Russel Preest. 

Kelly added: "... I have had it confirmed as Geoff Wildin, but all the rest are me comparing it to the Boys and Girls of 1930/1931 - where I think its these children, but older and Bream Infants 1928. 
I believe all the children in this photo born between 1922/ 1923".

Kelly also added "... thank you to the many people I have called to try and find relatives in the photo".

The sign says Bream Class II, 505

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