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Bream School trip to Southsea in 1967.

Teachers from Bream School on a trip to Southsea.

Photo 1: L-R: 1 Jessie Cook, 2 Audrey Cooke, 3 Rae Richards, 4 Ken Pritchard, .
Albert added: "... number two is Audrey Cooke, part time teacher then, mother of BBC man Jeremy Cooke"

Mrs Eileen Evans
Photo 2: Mrs Eileen Evans with Roger.

Bream School at Southsea.

Photo 3 L-R: 1 Florence Vaughan, 2 (boy in hat), 3 (at back) Mrs Allen (assistant to Mrs Bath) 4 Mrs Bath (school cook) 5 (at back) 6 Mrs Ivy Haynes.

Bob Smith added: "... I was at Bream Juniors from 1967/68 until 1971/72 and Mis Cooke was my first teacher at the school. I then had a Mrs Marfell and then Mrs Richards and Mr Pritchard. All of them were truly wonderful teachers and very kind to us all. I owe my good grasp of basic Maths ..Adding /Subtracting / Long Division and Multiplication entirely to Mr Pritchard".

Thanks also to Julia Jones.

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