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Bream, Parkend Road

Bream, Parkend Road (39k)

Tim Humphreys added (Feb 2012): "... In this view of Parkend Road the cottage on the right belonged to the Carpenter family whose daughter Tessa ran Parkend Road Post Office for many years. Just below this cottage was the green where many of us kids played. We lived in number 38, the lower house in the first pair of semis on the right. The first house was occupied by the Sterry family and below us was Mrs. Alma Howard a widow and next door down to her Mr & Mrs Brain. The houses on the left start from around where the Watkins family lived with George Davey and a few others I can't remember below them. I'd probably remember them if I had a walk around there".

Linda Willcox added (May 2020): "... The Mr and Mrs Brain mentioned were my grandparents and I have fond memories of summer holidays spent at their home in Parkend Road....and buying 'sherbet dips' at the small Post Office!".

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