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Issue Number:   June   1969

June 1969

The Vicarage,

Dear Friends,
I write at the time we are recalling the birth of the Christian Church through that great outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. I believe many of us are bending ourselves just now to the task of reviving parish work and witness but we must never forget that, as for its birth, so for its revival and indeed, its survival, the Spirit of the Lord is necessary.
“ Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is the Church. Where the Church is there is the Spirit of God." So wrote one of the early Christian Fathers. I like to think something is happening here. Congregations have steadily improved. Concern has been expressed of the weaknesses here and there; there is a consciousness of need. I believe that God Himself has laid upon us the awareness of the need and of the opportunities before us. I honestly believe we must make the best use of these or else we shall fade out. There can be no standing still. If it is true that God is calling you and me now to look to our membership of the Church then there can be only one answer - to obey.
" The Church exists to share the life and the enterprise of God and to bear witness to His truth and power." How? There is only one way. By obedience. Here is the rub. I have read somewhere that "churches do not always conceive and organize their life as if this were true; their timidity and lack of confidence does not always suggest that their Gospel contains the Power of God."
Such a statement is not meant to imply that organising is enough. There can be quite
a lot of feverish activity of a sort and an awful lot of talk about what we ought to do. We have frequently been reminded that the Church is an organism and not an organisation. It is a living thing. There must be life – spiritual life and it is the Spirit of God which gives life to the Church. All our efforts will avail no¬thing without the Holy Spirit- The Psalmist said "Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain that build it". The same thought is expressed though using a different metaphor, in John 15. "I am the Vine; ye are the branches... Without me ye can do nothing".
Having said this of the spiritual life, let me dispel the idea that being spiritually alive means to be impractical. A spiritually alive church is a practising church, alive to its responsibilities, its members all sharing in its worship and work.
This is not an optional matter. We shall be judged on this. We are already being judged. The people getting the most out of life are those putting most into it. If as some assert, they get nothing out of going to church, may it not be that this is because they put too little in? How much happiness and satisfaction are we denying ourselves because we begrudge God His due?
" It is more blessed to give than to receive". And how little impression do we make upon the non-believer because he sees more evidence of lack of belief than of faith; of reserve than of power?
'The way to revival lies in the corporate waiting upon. God in the use of the means of grace (the Sabbath, sanctuary, Sacraments and Scrip¬tures). To the extent that you and I withhold what we can and ought to give, to that extent the work and witness of the parish church is hindered and weakened. Make the prayer of the old negro yours. "Lord, revive Thy work - beginning with me." Your friend and vicar,

By an unfortunate oversight I omitted the following names from the list of Sidesmen: Messrs S. Miles and E. Edmunds. I am sorry about this

Churchyard Grass I have been delighted and most grateful to have the offer of by Lloyd Jenkins to bring a party of boys from the Secondary Modern School for a weekly cutting. As an essay in social responsibility we hope the boys enjoy it. Certainly we are grateful for it and hope it will be generally appreciated. Thank you Mr Jenkins and Mr Gwilliam. Thank you boys.

Preachers for June
8th: 8 a.m. Rev W. Watts (Coleford)
11 a.m. Rev F.W. Bovill (Cinderford)
6 p.m. I. A. Conley (Cinderford)
15th: 8 a.m.. Rev M. Bramley Moore (Lydney)
11 a.m. Rev T. Witts (Cinderford)
6 p.m. Rev F.W. Bovill
22nd: 8 a.m. No service
11 a.m. Mr A. Conley .
6 p.m. Mr J. Davis (Cinderford)
I am especially grateful to the Vicar of Cinderford who so readily offered all his staff to relieve me for this holiday period.
I know you will welcome our visiting preachers. You usually do and I am always pleased and a little proud to learn how well members have 'turned out' when I have been away.
Please note: Holy Communion will be celebrated at evening service on June 29th.

Summer Fete. I am sorry we pave not been able to arrange this earlier but details will be in the July magazine. It will probably be later in July. Meantime please do all you can to prepare

Congratulations to Rosemary Miles on her engagement to Gary Wildin

C.M.S. annual Meeting.
This was held at Bream. Following a report by Rev Murray Penfold of Longhope, the secretary on the A.G.M. in London and an introduction by the Rev E. Ainsworth of Mitcheldean, we heard an account from Miss Jebb a former matron of a children's hospital in Nigeria. They saw many of their trainee nurses accept Christ and retain their faith after later moving to Government hospitals where they often encountered opposition from non-Christian nurses. Miss Jebb looked forward to her return to Nigeria. to concentrate on preaching and teaching the Christian Faith though still teaching some fundaamental health rules to the people. She was thanked by the Chairman and refreshments followed prepared by the members of the P.C.C.
J. M.

Wool for Church Funds. Mrs L. Smith asks for any odd balls of wool, any colour, any ply, or old hand knitted garments to be unravelled for rugmaking etc. She would be very grateful.

Collections for the Month

F.W.O. Collection
April 20th £8 13s 9d ..£4 2s 6d
April 27th £9 2s 3d ...£4 10s 8d
May 4th ...£9 19s 6d ..£3 4s 7d
May 11th ..£5 6s 0d ...£4 10s 1d
May 18th ..£6 7s 1d ...£5 14s 6d

Flower Rota

1 & 8- Mrs Bath
15 & 22 - Mrs Downham (Bakery)
29 & July 6 - Mrs W. Jones

Davies Memorial
May 25 & June 1 Mrs Ladyman
June 8 & 15 Vacant
June 22 & 29 Mrs Fennel
July 6 & 13 Mrs L. Smith and Miss Johns

Diocesan Association for Deaf and Dumb
The recently held House to House collection in the parish realised the splendid total of £19 1 0 made up as follows:
Collectors Area Amount
Mrs L. Smith The Tufts £1-5s-8 1/2d
Mrs E. Edmunds The Tufts £1-2s-1d
Mrs J. Macpherson Lydney Lane and Coleford Road £1-14 4d
Mrs J. Downham Hillside £1 9s 11d.
Misses H. & S. Miles Mill Hill £1 16s 6d
Mrs M. Wilkes Parkend Road 12 11s 1/2d
Mrs Edwards Rugby Club £1 16 11s 1/2d
Mrs Luker Highbury Road £2 2s 0d
Mrs M. Johnson. High Street, Whitecroft and Woodside £2 19s 4 1/2d
Woodside £3 9s 3d
Mr Tye (Shop) 9s 0d
Mr. Hurst (shop) 2s ld

Christian Aid Week Collectors

Mrs M. Johnson - High Street & Section of Woodside -£6 13s 0d
Miss D. Kear - Saunders Green & Brockhollands - 3s 11d
Mrs J. Macpherson - New Road & Coleford Road - £2 10s 5d
Mrs M. Miles – Woodside - £1 14s 3d
Mrs W.O. Davies - Male Voice Choir - 15s 7 1/2d
Miss S. Miles - Lydney Lane - £1 4s 8d
Mrs Steadman - Highbeech & Hill Top - £2 4 s8 1/2d
Miss P. Watkins - Highbury Road -£1 8s 6d
Mrs J. Payne – Collegues at work £1 7s 9d
Park End Road Methodist Church £10 3s 5d
Methodist (Eaves) Young People £ 2 15s 0d
TOTAL £33 18s 5d
This represents an increase of £1 2s 0d over last year’s collection. I am grateful to all collectors mentioned above, especially to Mrs Johnson for other assistance.

Christian Aid.
(Further Donations)
The first, a gift of £50, from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. I can only say that it must have been a sacrifice, though the giver would say it was an act of thanksgiving for blessings received and needed for those worse off.
The second was a sum of £44 4s 6d given in lieu of flowers in memory of Alan Miles and the wish of Gwyneth. Alan often remembered the needy in his life time. It is a humbling thought for us all that Gwyneth in her suffering should have remembered others in theirs.
Both these gifts have been most gratefully received and passed on.

May 18th: Wendy Caren Davis

12th May: Ronald John James and Margaret Joyce Voss

Burials & Cremations

26th April: Ernest Alan Miles
6th May: Frances Rosa Preece (87)
15th May: Audrey Louise Coldrick (72)
To the sorrowing relatives and friends our deepest sympathy is expressed.


SUNDAY-Holy Communion 8 a.m.
2nd and 5th Sunday 11 a.m. (sung)
4th Sunday 6.30 p.m. (sung)
Sunday School 10 a.m.
Morning Prayer and Sermon 11 a.m. except as above
Evening Prayer and Sermon 6.30 p.m. except as above

WEDNESDAY-Holy Communion 10 a.m.

All by arrangement with the Vicar

SENIOR BIBLE CLASS Tuesday 6.30 p.m.
MOTHERS' UNION 3rd Wednesday 7.00 p.m.
CHOIR PRACTICE Friday 7.30 p.m.

Mr. K. KEAR.

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