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Issue Number:   April   1962

April 1962

SUNDAY—Holy Communion 8 a.m.
2nd and 5th Sunday 11 a.m. (sung).
4th Sunday 7 p.m. (sung)
Morning Prayer and Sermon 10 a.m.
Evening Prayer and Sermon 6 p.m.
Sunday School 10 a.m.
WEDNESDAY— Communion 10 a.m.
HOLY DAYS —See Calendar in Church Porch.
arrangement with the Vicar.
VICAR—Rev. P. S. M. Walton, Telephone: Whitecroft 376.
MOTHERS’ UNION—7-30 p.m. 3rd Monday, Junior School.

Tuesday April 24th 1962 7.30p.m. Place to be announced later.


The Vicarage,
Tel: Whitecroft 376
My dear Friends,
This must be something that we do all the time, for these words always seem to have an air of optimism about them, Let us then look forward to what appears to be a full and busy month for us. Equally I hope that at the end of it, we shall be able to look back on it with satisfaction and thankfulness to God for what he will have enabled us to do in it.

MONDAY 2nd April. On this day there will be the first ever meeting of the Forest Association of the Church Missionary Society. Already a number of you have promised to be present for what I believe will be a very interesting evening, Details were mentioned in the magazine last month, but there is still time to join the party which will be going to Cinderford for the meeting.. We shall leave Bream at about 6.45 p.m.

FLAGS FOR THE DEAF At the end of the first week there will be a Flag Day on behalf of the Deaf Association. Mrs Johnson, our Church Treasurer, has kindly agreed, once again to organise this. Last year, as a result of a similar day, together with a collection in church, we were able to send nearly £22 to the Association in Gloucester. Our hope would be that this year we shall exceed this amount. But we shall need the help of some of you, either by taking a collecting tin and being responsible for one of the districts in the village, or else by helping to fill the tin when brought to you.

PALM SUNDAY. To many this is more affectionately known as Flowering Sunday, which this year falls on April 15th. We shall welcome Mr. Ross as our preacher on the morning of this day. As Secretary of the Deaf Association, we shall hear at first hand some of the work that is being done through the Association in and around this area. Mr. Ross will illustrate his talk by using the “language” that is used by those who live in a world of silence.
In the evening, an. admission service for the Founder-members of our branch of the C.E.M.S. will take place during Evensong, It is hoped that at that service and always afterwards, we shall be able to display the Banner of the branch which has been hidden away in the Vicarage for many years, since the days of an earlier but defunct branch.
This day also marks the beginning of the most important week in the life of the Christian Church. We call it Holy Week, and many still today observe it as a week “set apart” for the purpose of entering more fully into the Sufferings and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To help US to do this, the following services are planned, culminating of course, with those of Easter Day.

Monday 16th-9 a.m. Holy Communion. 7.30 p.m. Evening Prayer
Tuesday 17th:-11 a.m. Holy Communion.7.30 p.m. Evening Prayer,
Wednesday 18th: 10 a.m Holy Communion.7.30 p.m. Evening Prayer
MAUNDAY THURSDAY - 7.30 p.m. Holy Communion
GOOD FRIDAY - 10.30 a.m. Morning Prayer. 2 – 3p.m. AN HOUR AT THE CROSS’
EASTER DAY - 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Holy Communion.
6.30 p.m. EVENSONG

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. An announcement at the beginning of these notes tells us when this is to be. Many of us don’t like A.G. M.s but they are essential to the orderly running of any organisation, and we can, in this instance, call the church this. Certainly we are no exception when it comes to an A.G.M. and we have to hold ours at any time up to the end of the first week after Easter. Last year we had a good crowd and we hope that this year it will be as well attended.
We shall follow the same sort of pattern as last year, a review of the church work and our hopes for the future. But possibly the most interesting parts of the meeting will be to hear from our Treasurer how our finances are faring, and also to elect the P.C.C. for the next 12 months. If you feel that you could like to take some part in the running of the church in this parish, then your name should be on the Electoral Roll, a copy of which hangs in the porch.
To be elected on to the P.C.C. one has to be a Communicant member over the age of 21.
ARCHDEACON’S VISIT. The final special event of this month will be the visit of the Archdeacon of Gloucester. He will be the preacher at Evensong on the Sunday following Easter I will of course be welcoming him and conducting the remainder of the service.

So much for LOOKING FORWARD. Now let us do some quick LOOKING BACK.

CONFIRMATION. Those of you who were present at Mitcheldean for the Confirmation must indeed all be grateful to the Rector and the P.C.C. of that parish for the welcome they gave us; a welcome which went a long way to overcome the disappointment we all felt when it we realised, owing to the illness of the Bishop of the Diocese that the Confirmation of our own candidates could not take place here. A list of those confirmed appears in the section overleaf, “From the Parish Registers.”

SHROVE TUESDAY SOCIAL. Finally, a brief and belated word of thanks once again to all those who contributed to the success of that occasion. No one could accuse the church of not being able to enjoy itself when occasion demands, and our enjoyment added more than £17 to funds.
God bless you all,
Your sincere friend and Vicar,

Communicants----- Weeks ending-----Offertories

CONFIRMED by the Bishop of Tewkesbury at Mitcheldean on 18th March:
Susan Coombs, Elizabeth Crane, Margaret Croome, Ann Gwynne, Elizabeth Henderson, Mary Preest, Elizabeth Reeks, Jocelyn Watkins, Patricia Watkins, Valerie Wildin.

Feb. 24th: Edwin James Lewis, aged 64.
Feb. 28th: Fanny Watkins, aged 85.
Mar. 13th: Annie Eliza Hoare, aged 62.*
note added *aged 61 years – 62 years on March 20th 1962

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