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Issue Number:   September   1957

Bream Parish Magazine. September 1957

My dear Friends,
There are times when a man is justified in blowing his own trumpet, although some people will say that such a thing "is not done."
If a man knows that he can do a thing, and do it well, is it conceit for him to say so?
If a cook says that she can make the best omelette in the world, ought you to mourn over the death of her trumpeter, whilst you eat it and enjoy it?
Was it conceit in William Pitt, the elder, that made him say, "I know that I can save this country, and I know that no other man can?"
When a man boasts that he can climb the highest beanstalk, you may call him vain; nevertheless, his boast not only sets him a target, it is also an incentive to reach it.
" Fame is a Spur" is the title of a novel, and fame is a spur, so is vanity. If vanity is the spur for a man to dress and behave at his best; if it keeps a girl smart in appearance, makes her courteous, and saves her from becoming a slut; if for sheer pride a young man dare not fail his School Cert., or lose in a game of tennis; if a man is too proud to let his business be a failure; if a woman, being houseproud, makes her home the envy of her neighbours, then I think that it is only right that we thank God "for the inestimable blessing of vanity."
There is, of course, a vanity that is objectionable, and damaging the vanity from which we pray to be delivered, it is the vanity of the Pharisee thanking God that he is not as other men are, and the vanity of the fellow who, unable to be notable in any other way, thinks that he can at least appear as a distinguished sinner.

Your friend and Vicar, WYN DAVlES


Aug. 4-Cherry Ann Moore, of Whitecroft.

Aug. 3- Trevor Thomas Lewis, of Bream, and Barbara Margaret Minchin, of Bream.
Aug. 3-Thomas John Legge, of Alvington, and Ann Watkins, of Hillside Estate.
June 10-Keith William George Brain, of Cinderford, and Maureen Phyllis Brookes, of Parkend Road.

July 27-Ernest Jenkins, of Woodside, aged 57 years.
Aug. 3-David John Henderson, of The Eaves, aged 76 years.
Aug. 7-Elizabeth Gertrude Lewis, of Saunders Green, aged 57 years.
Aug.7-William Dale, of Parkend Road, aged 80 years.
Aug.17-Marea Christina McMillan, of Bowson Road, aged 67 years.

July 28-...35.....£3 7s.5d.
Aug. 4-....28.....£4 7s 0d.
Aug.11-....34.....£2 15s.6d.
Aug.18-....37.....£3 6s.11d..

ALTAR FLOWERS for September and October:
Sept. 1st and 8th: Mrs. Ivy Howard, Highbury Road;
Sept. 15th and 22nd, Mrs. W. Vaughan, Highbury Road;
Sept. 29th and Oct. 6th, Mrs. Davies, The Vicarage;
Oct. 13th and 20th, Mrs. A. Vaughan, Parkend Road;
Oct. 27th, Mrs. W. O. Davies.

Miss Johns, who has been badly missed at our services, has asked me if I would thank through the magazine everyone for being so kind to her during her illness. We in our turn wish you, Miss Johns, a full and speedy recovery.

Our monthly whist drives will commence on Monday, Sept. 9th, and after the first one, then as last year, on the first Monday of the month at the C. of E. Schools at 7.30 p.m. I do hope that the usual whist drivers will again support us, and also that we will see new faces there. We do ask for more Church people in particular to come along and spend a pleasant and enjoyable social evening with us.

Our first meeting of the new session will be on Monday, Sept. 16th, at 7.30 p.m., at the School. Here again it would be nice to see some new intending members.

HARVEST FESTIVAL services at our Church this year will be held on Thursday, Oct. 3rd, and Sunday, Oct. 6th. Then on Monday, Oct. 7th, we hope to hold, as in the past two years, our Supper, sale of produce, and Concert at the C. of E. School.

A General Meeting will be held at the C. of E. School on Wednesday, Sept. 11th, at 1.30 p.m. Please note the date. It is Wednesday and not Tuesday as last year.

A husband was waiting at the station for the return of his wife from holiday. She was burdened with many parcels, while a small boy dragged along behind her. "Hullo Gert," said the husband, "you're late." "Oh don't talk about it, Bill," she said, "I've never had such a time. What with young Bill 'angin' on me an' me 'angin' on to the rack, the train 'ung up in a tunnel, an' me knowin' you were 'angin' about in the station for me, I've been in a reg'lar state of suspense since I started. "
A candidate for the ministry was being examined by the Bishop. "And how long do you intend being a Christian?" his Lordship asked. "Until I am 23" he replied. "Oh," said the surprised Bishop, "and what do you intend to be after that ?" - "I hope," said the candidate "to be made a deacon then!"

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